US Bank is found to do Employee Urine Drug Testing

Company Name: US Bank Date Posted:10/29/2002 12:00:00 AM
City, State ZIP: Cincinnati, OH 4522
Country: USA
Test Type: Urine
First Hand Experience: No
Test Frequency: Random - Every 6 months to 1 year
Comments: They are very rigid about their testing practices. One test is given at the time of orientation, and only to one person. That person is chosen randomly. Packets are placed in the orientation room before the new hire class arrives, and once the group arrives they are told to open the folders, and the one with a sticker on the inside of his/her folder is then taken for a urine test. If that person fails, the entire group then has to take a urine test. If that person passes, then all goes on as planned. Also the company pulls random employees to HR to take urine tests... there is no method, it is all random.

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