The Powdered Urine Kit is the #1 Product for Urine Test Simulation
The Powdered Urine Kit has Never Failed!
Powdered Urine Kit
- Easy to use Urine Test Simulation!
As low as $32.95
The Powdered Urine Kit is for Urine Test Simulation
Urine Test Simulation (Unsupervised Test)
TestClear has the #1 selling solution for individuals that need a proven urine test simulation solution. Never failed in the history of the product. More

Pass a Supervised  Situation with these products Need to Test Yourself?  Try one of our Home Test Kits
Pass a Supervised Test
A Supervised Test is usually the most critical Drug Test of them all. See our full line of proven solutions.

Detox Your Body from Drugs with these Detoxification Programs

Detox Yourself

If you want to detox your body natually then the Detoxification Programs are for you.  It is your body and you can trust the Toxin Rid Detoxification Programs to help.  Available in 1 to 10 days programs.  More 



Test Yourself
Need to test yourself? Want to know if you are positive before they do?  See our full line of drug testing kits.

Detect Drugs with our Drug Identification Kits

Detect Drugs

Our Drug Identification Kits will allow you to verify a substance that you suspect as drugs.  These kits are the same ones used by law enforcement.  They can detect for crack cocaine, meth, marijuana, LSD, PCP, and Heroin. More

DOES YOUR COMPANY DRUG TEST OR WANT TO FIND IF A COMPANY DRUG TEST?  Seach the definitive list of companies that drug test

Passing drug tests have never been so easy with our drug testing products. We believe that people should get jobs based on their education, knowledge, and skills instead of their bodily fluids. Passing a drug test doesn't have to be complicated or stressful. It seems like everyone has a 'Magic' way to pass a drug test. You are forewarned that there is a lot of bogus information on how a person can pass a drug test. Please call one of drug testing advisors at 1-866-837-8253 for straight talk about how you can pass a drug test. The call is free and no cost to you.

Testclear has been helping people pass drug test for 7 years providing proven drug testing solutions to help people pass urine drug tests, pass hair drug tests, and pass saliva drug tests. Don't get caught in the fallacy of using water to pass a drug test or using goldenseal to pass a drug test. We deal with only proven solutions to help a person to pass a drug test.

We help people pass drug tests for job pre-employment drug tests, pass random drug tests, pass military drug tests, and pass supervised drug tests. If you use Testclear Products the last thing that we will say to you is: "Congratulations! You have just passed your drug test!" Are you still skeptical? Read what our customers about helping them pass a drug test.

Drug Testing Advice by Testclear

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Powdered Urine Kit

Powdered Urine Kit
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