associated grocers is found to do Employee Other Test/Indicate Drug Testing

Company Name: associated grocers Date Posted:1/31/2001 12:00:00 AM
City, State ZIP: seattle, WA 98124
Country: USA
Test Type: Other Test/Indicate
First Hand Experience: Yes
Test Frequency: Random - Every 6 months to 1 year
Comments: I had to take a random urine test for dot reg. an adulterant test was performed before the gcms. the test failed as unsuitable. urineluck was used. I had to take another urine test 2 days later, a witnessed one, failed again. Used detoxify fast flush caps (20) 1 1/2 hours before the test, drank 7 12 oz. glasses of water. creatine level was acceptable. failed test. tested positive for thc. I have 11 years on the job and make 45k. As of march 1999 all dot testing labs check for additives an use spot checks before gcms drug screen. How will your formula (klear test) work? Additives are detectd. Is powdered urine my only chance to pass? How about using fruit pectin(fiber) vitamin b, and creatine pills along with a lot of water? Please help, I am being harrassed. I am an excellent worker and driver with 11 years no tickets or accidents. thank you.

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