Canadian National Railway is found to do Employee Urine Drug Testing

Company Name: Canadian National Railway Date Posted:2/16/2001 12:00:00 AM
City, State ZIP: Troy, MI 48083
Country: USA
Test Type: Urine
First Hand Experience: Yes
Test Frequency: Pre-Employment Only
Comments: I was given the opportunity to take 75% of my pay and stay at home, with the the possible chance that they might call me back to work, the chances were very slim, that was 5 years ago, now after 5 years because the Company can't get the Union to do what it wants them to do, they are calling all these people back to work and the testing is done at that time. I still have not started working yet and that was two month ago and now they have taken me off the payroll and are sending me to rehab. All I did was smoke weed between Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays at parties that I had gone to and now this Company has made my life very uncomfortable. I still don't know that they will call me back to work yet or not, even after I have gone through this so called rehab program. My use of weed has nothing to do with my performance as a worker for this Railroad and I have worked for them for 36 years.

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