Hi-Lex is found to do Employee Urine Drug Testing

Company Name: Hi-Lex Date Posted:9/1/2002 12:00:00 AM
City, State ZIP: Battle Creek, MI 49017
Country: USA
Test Type: Urine
First Hand Experience: Yes
Test Frequency: Pre-Employment Only
Comments: Hi-Lex dose pre employmen drug test and test if there are accedents that result in injury or damage to company property. If you pass the urin test with urin too clean or as they say inconclusive then they send you for a hair test. i have seen many people loose there jobs becouse of this unfair practice of retesting someone aftr they pass a urin test. If anyone knows of a way to leagly fight agenst this unfair practice please send me the info or links to [email protected] would like to shove this issue down there throughts

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