Sanofi-aventis is found to do Employee Urine Drug Testing

Company Name: Sanofi-aventis Date Posted:5/5/2006 12:00:00 AM
City, State ZIP: Bridgewater, NJ 08807
Country: USA
Test Type: Urine
First Hand Experience: Yes
Test Frequency: Pre-Employment Only
Comments: I applied for a position at sanofi-aventis a few weeks ago and was told ahead of time that they do their drug screens at the Science & Medical Affairs building, which is also where they perform all of their lab work for their latest drugs. It scared the shit out of me because I assumed they had the equipment needed to run the hair test. (And why not use the hair test if you already own the equipment and it's just a few feet away?) So I prepped like crazy using the macujo method, and I also began taking Creatine in case the test was actually urinalysis. Lo and behold I discovered it's a simple urine test and, even better, they send all of their results to Labcorp. (Looking back, I can see how this makes sense from a legal standpoint.) So don't waste your time panicking about the hair test like I did. I scheduled an appointment with Health Services, went in at the assigned time, and pissed in a cup in a bathroom with the door closed. I passed with flying colors. Good luck.

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