• 5 Day Detox Program - For Heavy Toxin Exposure - Guarantee

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Five Day Detoxification System to rid Toxins Out

  • three-part detoxification system with pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber and detox liquid
  • 5 day detox system is specifically designed for people with heavy toxin exposure
  • herbs, minerals and vitamins that work in unity to detoxify the body
  • nothing artificial, all natural, no fillers
  • no animal products or synthetics
  • starts working as fast as one hour
  • rids your blood, urine and saliva of unwanted toxins
  • money back guarantee from the manufacturer

More Five Day Detoxification System Details


  • 75 pre-rid tablets
  • one ounce of dietary fiber
  • one fluid ounce of detox liquid


(Follow the Instructions on the Main Container)

Pre-Rid Pills

  • On day one, take three tablets an hour for five hours.
  • Eat and drink lots of fluids while taking tablets.
  • Do not exceed 15 tablets in one day.
  • Repeat for four more days.

Detox Liquid

  • Use on the last day of the program.
  • Drink half of the detox liquid with four ounces of orange juice or water. Do not eat or drink any more fluids for two hours.
  • Wait two hours, take the remaining half of the detox liquid.

Dietary Fiber

  • One hour before your test, mix the dietary fiber in eight ounces of orange juice or water.
  • Drink within two minutes.
  • Wait 15 minutes and drink 16 ounces of water. Do not drink more orange juice or water.
  • Urinate two or three times in the next hour and go take your test.


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by Nick
on 5/12/2017
from Kansas City
It REALLY works!! THANK YOU Test Clear!!

I have been using THC products almost every day for the past four years, and when I was using, it wasn't just once a day. So I had a LOT in my system. I got a job offer and bought products from 2 other companies that did NOT work before I found TestClear. Customer service is amazing. I followed the directions exactly and drank lots of water. On day four of the five day cleanse I took a home drug test and PASSED! On day five I had to drink the liquid and it was SO.GROSS but it's a small price to pay (literally and figuratively) for a great paying job. On day 6 I went to a lab on my own for a (pre) pre employment test and passed! For every day of the cleanse it's liquid poop every time I'd go to just pee, and it was nasty and painful but I'd do it all again if I had to. Amazing product, amazing service and amazing results! I can't say enough great things about this company. I was thinking all the detox companies were fake but TestClear is the real deal and did I mention it WORKS??!!

by Lee
on 5/6/2017
from Kennesaw
look no more, unless you a little on the heavy side

Im 5'6 160 pounds and athletic and I smoked dank medical marijuana from NorCal for 6 months straight. I would smoke multiple times a day, to put it simply I smoked a f&#k ton. I still have a day and half left of detox tablets not to include the detox liquid and I just passed my first at home drug test. They need to sell this stuff in stores!!!!! This sh#& is a life saver!!!! If you're a fatty get the 10 day :)

by Andrew
on 4/29/2017
from Levittown

One of my friends recommended this product to me, and it actually works I just took the test that came with the detox and PASSED. My inital thoughts, I was going to have uncontrollable diarrhea and have to call out of my current job for a few days, but not the case. Dont get me wrong your gonna poo, and its pretty gross but majority of your toilet adventures come on day 5 when you drink the terrible tasting toxin liquid with 16oz of water that day you may want to have off. Oh and buy baby wipes, trust me your gonna need them. Im 6ft 1in 184lbs, I ate generally healthy as recommened, I did break some of the rules tho. I switched from regular cigarettes to electronic for the 5 days, and had around 5 beers on day 4 Its recommended that you dont because it counteracts the detox. I was a pretty heavy MJ smoker and quit 5 days prior to starting the detox. So im pleasntly suprised and happy I did it, and ready for whatever test is thrown my way. Thanks Testclear!

by WM
on 4/28/2017
from Chicago
It's Worth It

It's expensive and extremely hard on your body, but it really works! Follow all the instructions exactly and you'll be happy you did this.

by Gregory
on 4/20/2017
from Turners Falls
know your test procedure

I followed it through bloat and diarrhea, yucky taste and all- got to my test only to discover that this time they wanted a hair sample. Try to find out how they'll test you before you buy so you can get the product that will fit the bill. live and learn!


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