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Allergy testing in your house can help you determine if certain allegans are effecting you can your family. It is great for peace of mind.
Drug identification is very important because if you find an unknown substance on your teenager you might want to figure out what it is.
Hangovers are a problem for some people, but by using new technology hangovers are thing of the pass. Hangover cures are now possible.
Mold testing is very important because mold in a house can cause many unpleasant illnesses. To rule out mold a mold test can be done.
A paternity test can be used to determine the father of a child. If that is that case then using this test will give you the results.
This was the first material on the internet to explain drug testing and how to beat a drug test. Please note that most of the information is outdated, but nevertheless a good read

Drug Testing Advice by Testclear

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