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Use Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo to Remove Toxins from the Hair

  • Aloe Rid now comes in Testclear's own packaging - we buy in gallons, so now you get a full five ounces of gentle clarifying shampoo  - multiple applications. (You might also get a 5 oz tube if they are available). You can check out a demonstration for 43 oz Aloe Container being opened. Aloe Rid Demostration
  • Aloe Rid is the best support shampoo for the main products to help you pass a hair test - Ultra Clean shampoo or Clear Choice shampoo. these products product different effects and work as a team, so you need both.
  • using Aloe Rid every day before your test and either Ultra Clean or Clear Choice shampoos on the day that you need to be the cleanest which puts you in the best possible position to remove toxins fully.
  • use every day before your test, typically 3-10 days in advance. if you don't have that much time, take 3-4 showers a day as needed. During each washing let it stay lathered in your hair for 3 to 10 min..
  • focus on the scalp, where toxins are found - remove all those older layers of oil
  • you get a full 5 ounces of gentle clarifying shampoo - multiple applications
  • this deep-cleaning formula will not harm the hair and delicately removes residual buildup, environmental pollutants, chemicals, chlorine, hard water minerals, and hair-dulling impurities using advanced microsphere technology to provide gradual release
  • we only carry the old style Aloe Rid - barcode number of 05592 16035 - which is the most effective for removing toxins. any other bar code number is not effective for the hair drug test.

Due to Low Supply, Aloe Rid can Only be Purchased with Ultra Clean

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More Nexxus Aloe Rid Shampoo Details

  • Nexxus Aloe Rid Clarifying Shampoo
  1. Apply shampoo to moistened hair
  2. Massage into hair and scalp
  3. Leave in three minutes
  4. Rinse with lukewarm water


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by Satisfied Customer
on 4/14/2017
from California
This product is a lifesaver!

I was recently offered an amazing job and learned I would have to take a drug test. I initially assumed it would be a urine test as those are most common but upon receiving the offer letter learned it was a hair test. I was freaking out! Even though I am a light/casual mj user, I read using it more than 2 times in a 3 month period is enough to fail a hair test so I thought I was f--ked! Then I read about AloeRid and went for it. I started in the evening 6 days before the test. I used it 2x a day in conjunction with the "Mancujo Method" for the first 6 washes until the vinegar started frying my skin. I continued to use the Aloe Rid twice daily and used the Ultra Clean on Test Day. I felt confident going into the test and overjoyed when I got word I passed the test with no problem. Expensive but worth EVERY penny because it works! Test Clear was also very awesome about letting me return the unopened detox products I had purchased when I thought I'd be taking a urine test.

by Aileasha
on 4/3/2017
from Plantersville
Works great

I would recommend this product to anybody needing to pass a hair situation!

by Thomas
on 3/31/2017
from Newport News
A Weight Has Been Lifted

Usage: I smoke weed every Friday night with my friends. My personal usage ranges between two bowl packs to a whole blunt. I have been doing this for years. The potency is high ($120 a quarter) which, though infrequent, puts me at greater risk for a failed test. Description: I had two weeks notice before the test. I took an at home test to see if I would pass, I didn't. I failed the test as a habitual user (only using once a week). I ordered this product overnight and started using it 6 days before my test. Application: The first day i washed my hair once to see how it would effect me. Day two I washed twice, Day 3 three times, day 4 four times and four times a day for the remaining two days. On test day I used Ultra-clean for my final application. Results: THIS WORKS!!!! I passed with flying colors. Conclusion: The aloe-rid was harsh on my hair but it was worth it. I had plenty left so I am going to order another ultra clean kit and will have a backup application ready. Thank You

by Taber
on 3/29/2017
from Antioch
Very Happy with the Product

Ultra Clean and Aloe Rid worked very well for me and I want to make sure my review is posted for others to see. Reviews were a big deal for me as I was stressed out, trying to find the right way to pass my hair follicle drug test and I hope to help the people looking to buy your product. My review: 5 stars"I used Ultra Clean and Aloe Rid. I had stopped using marijuana ~1.5 weeks before my hair follicle drug test. I used marijuana nightly for about 2 years before that. Passing this test was very very very important to me and I went out of my way to be thorough! I washed my pillow cases and bedding along with any hooded clothing I wore regularly. I washed my hair with Aloe Rid twice a day for 1 week before my test. Lathering up the soap and letting it sit for 5-10min each wash was suggested and I did so. I have shoulder length hair and the 5oz of Aloe Rid was more than enough. On the day of the test, I used the Ultra Clean. The Ultra Clean treatment suggested you use your regular shampoo before doing the treatment, so I used Aloe Rid for that. I found the Ultra Clean directions easy to read and follow. I am very satisfied with these products and I am so happy I PASSED!" Thank you, Taber

by David
on 2/28/2017
from Wasilla, AK
Worked for me.

Good product works well I passed hair test. Used with the Ultra Clean.


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