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Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit


  • The powdered urine kit is the people's choice when a real urine simulation product is needed. This is the only product we recommend regardless of the sophistication of your experiment. Includes all vital chemicals including uric acid.

  • At home, before your experiment, mix with water and stick the heater on the vial opposite the temperature strip, read the temperature strip, proceed with your experiment.

  • The synthetic urine kit looks, smells and behaves chemically as drug-free human urine. This gives you complete confidence knowing that the fake pee is able to meet the requirements no mater the sophistication of the experiment.

  • We give you everything but the water - drug-free powdered urine, a 50-ml plastic medical vial, an air-activated heater that last six hours, a temperature strip and an instruction sheet that includes hints and tips.

  • The plastic transportation vial that comes with the fake urine kit can hold 50 ml. Guidelines state that you need to submit at least 45 ml for your sample to be considered valid. We give you 5 ml extra. But you can add 25 ml of extra water if need. The more the better.

  • The fake urine kit comes with an air-activated heater, which takes about 20 to 40 minutes (depending on ambient temperature) to get the water in the vial between 90 and 99 degrees.

  • The temperature strip, which reads between 90 and 100 degrees, is highly accurate, reusable and the highest quality component of the kit, so you know exactly when you are good to go.

  • Extra heaters are available at the time of purchase. They are highly recommended just case the test gets delayed.

  • A Digital Thermometer is also available at the time of purchase. Some people find it helpful to use a thermometer so that people can make double sure that the fake piss temperature is in the right range. This option is highly recommended.

  • An option for an extra vial is handy for experiments that do not follow the testing guidelines. You can dilute the synthetic urine that we give with 50 percent more water without causing any adverse affects. This means that you can add 25ml of water with no problems.

  • Since the synthetic pee is toxin free urine used to calibrate drug testing machines, it has never failed an experiment in the history of the product.

  • If you are an instructor or educational institution that wishes to purchase the Fake Urine Kit for your classroom or lab please contact us for educational discounts. We are also able to offer discounts to movie studios that wish to incorporate the product in their production as a prop.

  • The Synthetic Urine for drug test kit as makes a great gag gift as a bed wetting prank.

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More Powdered Urine Kit Details

  • one vial containing powdered urine

  • one 50-ml plastic medical transport vial with blue lid

  • one temperature strip attached to the 50-ml vial

  • two air-activated heaters enclosed in a plastic package


  1. Pour the powdered urine in the small vial into the larger tube.

  2. Slowly fill the tube with water to the very top of the tube, screw the blue cap on tightly and shake until the powder is completely dissolved.

  3. Open the heater package, peel the paper off of one heater and stick it to the back side of the tube, directly opposite of the temperature strip.

  4. Before conducting your experiment, verify the temperature

Tips and Tricks to pass the urine drug test

  • Always call or email in advance of your experiment if there are any questions. Don't just guess, contact us.

  • Before conducting the urine test simulation you MUST verify that the urine temperature is between 90 to 99 degrees. Any sample outside of that temperature could possible cause an invalid experiment.

  • We suggest you start with room-temperature instead of hot or warm water, because the heater we give you brings the water up to correct temperature range on its own. Use one heater, unless you want to get to the proper temperature faster.

  • If you do not see any reading on the temperature strip, it is not broken. The urine is either too cold or too hot. The temperature strip is highly accurate, reusable and the highest quality component of the kit.

  • If the urine is too cold, be patient and let the heater bring the temperature up. If the urine is too hot, remove the cap and heater and gently blow on the urine until it comes into the correct range.

  • Try a little practice. Take the tube on its own, go to the sink and put in hot water, driving the temperature off the scale above 100 degrees. Gently blow on the liquid until you see the rainbow temperature indicator come into the 90 to 99 degree range. This does two things –let you see that rainbow indicator on the temperature strip and gives you experience with bringing the temperature down, just in case the temperature rises above 100 degrees.

  • Be sure the heater is not too close to the temperature strip, or the strip will be measuring the heater, instead of the water. For a snug fit between the heater and tube, use rubber bands or adhesive tape.

  • Unless the urine is too hot, do not take the heater off the tube, or the temperature will eventually fall out of the required range of 90 to 99 degrees.

  • Don't jump the gun. These heaters are single use, so be positive of when your test will take place. Before you prepare the kit

  • If your experiment requires more than 50 ml, take a small vial of water with you, so you can dilute the sample up to the minimum level, without diluting the sample too much or affecting the temperature.

  • After the urine is ready, here's how to sneak it into the bathroom: women can either use the bra area or adapt to the method men use, which is, wear two pair of briefs, and slip the tube in between the layers.

  • Extra heaters are available at the time of purchase. They are highly recommended just case the test gets delayed.

  • A Digital Thermometer is also available at the time of purchase. Some people find it helpful to use a thermometer so that people can make double sure that the temperature is in the right range. This option is highly recommended.

  • An option for an extra vial (Either 50ml or 15ml) is handy when extra volume is needed. Technically you only need drops to conduct your experiment with, but extra volume is useful if you want to impress the audience that you are conducting the experiment for. You can dilute the Powdered Urine that we give with 50 percent more water without causing any adverse affects. This means that you can add 25ml of water with no problems.


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by RS
on 3/17/2017
from Nashville
Worry Not, This Stuff Works Perfectly

I used this on a lab test for pre-employment. I was skeptical & worried but I followed the directions exactly as stated, even did a few test tries with water only so that I knew what to expect and could complete the test within the 4 minutes I was allowed in the bathroom. I got everything ready 3hrs prior to my test and I digitally checked the temp right before I went in. It was 102.6 degrees. I entered the bathroom, popped the top and blew on it a little as stated to do and the temp quickly dropped to 98 degrees which is perfect. It was the exact amount needed for the test. The lab just called today and said I'm as clean as you can be. PASSED! This stuff is no joke, follow the rules exactly and so long as it's not a supervised test, you will pass with flying colors. Thank you TC for helping me out. I recommend this to anyone who needs it.

by Lauren
on 3/14/2017
from PA
What a great product!

This product was awesome! I read all the reviews and searched for this product carefully! Please take you time and read all instructions. If you follow step by step it's 100 % accurate. I bought an additional Digital thermometer to just make sure due to the (sticker temperature gage) being so temp specific. I tested at a 107 when I first have it all set and in my car waiting to go in, took off warmers and cranked my AC until the vial read 99... then stuffed in my bra and walked in to take my test. They took 20 mins or so to take me back. Took my test perfectly and Passed! I got a great work opportunity and needed this product to get here!!! Ty testclear

by Ry
on 3/8/2017
from Washington
This is an amazing product

I have used Testclear powdered urine two times now. This last time I was a little more worried about the results because the lab it was sent to (PAML in WA state) boasts about being able to detect synthetic urine. That being said this is the real deal, not synthetic. So today I found out that I passed!! I also had to wait 1.5 hours in the collection office before they took the sample. My specimen was as hot as the heat pad can get it but I still had no problem cooling it down in the 2 minutes that they gave me. Thank you Testclear! P.S. the customer service at Testclear is wonderful as well.

by John
on 3/5/2017
from Polk county
Always ready with confidence

This product is always effective and easy to use. Always s practice your routine for confidence and you will be ready in a moments notice.

by Sam
on 3/1/2017
from CO
This stuff is the real deal...

Okay everyone, you're probably skeptical of this product and if you're like me, you may have a huge job riding on this product. Honestly, I was sweating bullets walking in and doing this. BUT all of the reviews are true!!! Just make sure you have the temp right and you're good to go. I just got my results and ALL CLEAR!! Trust me, this works. Thank you Test clear, totally helped me get my dream job!!!


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