Saliva drug tests are quite popular these days, so ensure that you pass your upcoming drug test by using our incredibly effective saliva detox program. Effective for users of marijuana and other substances, the SalivaConfirm 6-panel oral fluid screening kit shows you just which toxins are in your system, and can detect the presence of six unique drugs in less than ten minutes. Using the latest in drug testing technology, this tester is both affordable and convenient, and doesn’t require any invasive trips to the bathroom. Simple collect a small saliva sample and then wait ten minutes! If you do detect toxins in your saliva, consider using our revolutionary Toxin Rid Rescue Wash mouthwash that helps you to pass an oral drug test with ease. A one-ounce bottle contains a specially formulated blend that rids the mouth of detectable toxins - and it can be used just minutes before the test! Ensure that you pass your upcoming saliva drug test - contact the drug testing advisors today, at TestClear!

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