Walmart - Random Drug Testing Strategy Guide


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Walmart Random Drug

Testing Strategy Guide 


It has been announced that Wal-mart will be implementing a Random Drug Testing program starting on September 1, 2008. Details remain sketchy, but rumor has it that they will be testing 50 percent of workforce per year with this this Random Drug Testing program. It is unknown if management will be tested as well.


Why is Wal-mart doing this? This program is going to be very costly for the company and how do they expect recoup their costs for such a massive Random Drug Testing program? Our analysis has indicated that there is a foreseeable downturn predicted for economy and that Wal-mart will use Random Drug Testing as a tool to rid themselves of employees to downsize for the upcoming future downturn in the economy. This will save the company money by not having to pay severance packages and benefits in case of layoffs.


In a confidential Memo Wal-mart outlines that the reason for implementing a Random Drug Testing program is to improve their image ( This is a very poor reason for subjecting their employees through this humiliating process). We firmly believe that Wal-mart has other reasons for implementing this program. Since Wal-mart is not unionized employee do not have the luxury of having union leadership negotiate the details of the Random Drug Testing Program. Other problem with this program is that Wal-mart is not allowing people ample time to get clean on their own if they are indeed has been contaminated by toxins. In addition, Wal-mart has not enacted a substance abuse program for those that fail their drug test. Also, there is no programs in place for medical marijuana patients when/if they test positive.


We are outlining the steps that people to need take to protect their livelihoods and careers:


For Employees


1) Have on hand the Powdered Urine Kit just in case you are subject to a drug test and you are not 100 percent clean.

2) Do not trust home tests. A home test is not the same thing as a lab test. If you pass a home test you can fail a lab test. If you have any risk of failure always use a product to help you pass.

3) If you decide to make a lifestyle decision that is quit altogether. Use the Toxin Rid Detoxification programs to help rid the toxins from your system. It works for blood and urine. There are various degrees so you need to speak with a drug testing advisor to determine the right one for your toxin exposure.

4) Contact Testclear if you have any addition concerns.


For Supervisors

1) If you have to escort an employee to a drug testing facility please give that employee able time to prepare for the test. As a supervisor you do not want to have to loose your best employees if at all possible because of something they do on their own time. No one wants to work with people who are under the influence of drugs, but Drug Testing is not impairment testing, but rather it is usage testing which is not fair. Protect your employees at all costs.