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Companies that Do Drug Test

There are companies that do drug test, and drug testing procedures have been adopted and implemented by major corporations throughout the US. From small industrial businesses to large corporations with worldwide influence, a lot of these companies are investing massive amounts of money to ensure the company’s employees are drug-free. Below are some examples of major companies that do drug test and what the company’s drug policies entail.


Walmart is one of the largest employers of pre-employment drug tests in the United States, and the company has more than 2 million employees around the globe. Walmart generates almost 400 billion dollars annually, and a lot of the company’s drug testing policies are not in effect in some of the company’s shipping areas or stores yet. A lot of Walmart’s employees have reported different drug testing procedures as well.

Some have reported the only drug test the company received was the pre-employment screening while others have discovered that random drug testing is done after the initial pre-employment screening process as well. Although Walmart hasn’t launched a full drug-testing policy throughout all of the company’s stores, it’s safe to say that it’s the next step.

Ford Motor Company

With the recent legalization of recreational marijuana in some of the states, and with medical cannabis taking America by storm, Ford Motor Company – just like a lot of other manufacturing corporations –started the initiative of drug testing the company’s employees. Although Ford has undergone recent downsizing, the company still generates about 170 billion annually and employ almost 90,000 individuals.

Some employees have reported that pre-employment drug screening is part of the hiring process, and it’s unclear if the company does random drug testing after employment; however, the evidence is showing that steps are heading in that direction to ensure a drug-free workforce. Additionally, a lot of independent Ford dealerships are also implementing drug testing for the company’s workforce as well, and reports reveal that Ford likes to do hair follicle testing rather than urine screening.


Microsoft employs more than 89,000 individuals, and the company generates 60 billion in annual revenues, which makes them one of the largest employers in the computer tech industry. Microsoft is also one of the largest companies that do drug test for both pre and post-employment.

Most of the company’s drug testing is done in-house at the company’s facilities with urine samples; however, some of the company’s other drug tests include saliva and hair follicle testing. Employees have reported that Microsoft is very consistent with random drug testing every 30-days, and the company likes to change up the testing procedures to ensure a drug-free workforce.


The oil and gas industry is certainly one in which workplace safety is a high priority, and there’s no question that ExxonMobile is one of the largest industrial corporations in the world. ExxonMobile is trying to prevent future disasters like the one in 1989 with the Valdez, which had devastating impacts on the ecosystem, an accident in which the captain of the vessel was under the influence of alcohol.

Reports have been disclosed that ExxonMobile now implements pre-employment drug testing procedures for all employees, but it’s unclear if the company does post-employment screening, which means that any one of the company’s 106,000 workers could be getting away with using drugs or alcohol while working. The company generates over $400 billion in annual revenues.

List of Companies That Do Not Drug Test

1. Red Bull

The main headquarters of Red Bull is located in Austria with its North American base of operations in California. The energy giant is known for its drinks, but the company also promotes extreme sporting events and produces live music events. Red Bull makes it quite clear that the company does not drug test. The company offers its employees discounted gym memberships, health insurance, paid vacation time and a 401K plan.

2. National Public Radio

National Public Radio (NPR) is located in Washington D.C., and is well-known within the industry as a media organization that does not drug test. NPR offers its employees paid vacations, parental leave, retirement plan, health insurance and paid holidays.

3. Whole Foods

Whole Foods is based in Austin, Texas, and is a US supermarket chain that is multinational, and which is known for selling products that are free of preservatives, artificial colors and flavors, and hydrogenated fats. Whether you’re working in the Whole Foods corporate office or in one of its supermarkets, you will not be drug tested. Whole Foods offers employee discounts, optional working hours, discounted gym memberships, and same-sex benefits.

4. Twitter

Twitter’s base of operations is located in San Francisco, California, and the company ranks 24th in Fortune’s 500 list. Twitter provides its more than 2,500 employees with excellent working conditions and incentives. Employees have reported that Twitter does not drug test. However, the company also neglects to answer any questions about its leniency on drug testing. Twitter offers its employees unlimited vacation days, on-site gym, paid time off, health benefits and more.

5. Google

It might be hard to imagine that one of the biggest tech companies in the world does not drug test its employees but it’s true. According to employee reports, staff enjoy the fact that Google does not drug test, and its employees have rated Google the best place to work. Data suggests that Google isn’t alone as there are a lot of other Silicon Valley companies in the same boat. Google offers its employees college tuition reimbursement, on-site gym facilities, same-sex benefits, unlimited sick days and more.

It’s becoming clear that no matter where you live, if you want a certain type of job, a drug test is most likely in your future. However, for those who are adamant about both cannabis and making money, it’s important to know the companies that do drug test in order to avoid wasting your time. You can see our full list of companies that drug test by clicking here.

Jobs That Do Not Drug Test

There are lots of jobs that don’t drug test, and the answer for those who want to use cannabis and work at the same time is to find a job where there’s no pre-employment drug test or random screenings after employment. That’s why we provide you with solid information on the companies and jobs that either do or do not drug test.

We understand that every individual deserves the basic right to be able to provide for his or her family and have a better life. We also know that some individuals feel helpless about either keeping their current job or obtaining a new one because of their passion for cannabis. Therefore, we also provide a variety of products that rid your body of toxins, so you can keep the job you have in order to continue enjoying the life you and your family deserves.