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Jobs That Don’t Drug Test

Medical marijuana in the United States has become legal on almost every level throughout each state while recreational marijuana is gaining the populous vote and closing the gap. The sheer number of people who are now smoking cannabis or eating edibles due to this major shift in legalization is staggering. Therefore, more businesses nowadays are drug testing more than ever before.

Most US companies and businesses that were once no drug test jobs are just the opposite now. This is directly related to the rising legalization of medical and recreational cannabis throughout almost every sector in the US. The reason for this widespread adoption of standardized drug testing can be viewed from the company’s perspective. With more people consuming cannabis, workplace safety has risen along with companies’ insurance premiums, especially when job-related injuries occur due to an employee’s impairment while high on cannabis.

Additionally, some companies also view cannabis as an inhibitor that lowers workplace production and the employee’s ability to make important decisions that, in some cases, can cost the business substantial amounts of money. Therefore, drug testing has become standard for a lot of companies that used to be quite liberal. Fortunately, Testclear’s team of drug-testing advisors have unearthed some well-paying jobs that don't drug test, for those who like to indulge with cannabis, or who may need medical marijuana as a treatment.

Top 10 Jobs That Don't Drug Test

1. Social Media Marketing Manager
One of the professions that does not often get drug tested is the social media marketing manager. There are a lot of companies that depend on the Internet to build brand awareness and drive new sales via social media platforms, and they’re always looking for marketing managers who can best represent their products and services. The annual salary for a social media marketing manager is $50,328.

2. Automobile Sales Agent
Believe it or not, there are a lot of jobs that don't drug test in the automotive sales industry. In order to be a successful car sales agent, the only skills generally required are great communication skills and the power to convincingly close deals. In most cases, whatever a car salesman does after work isn’t a concern of the employer because most agents are treated as independent contractors and get paid based on commissions. The annual salary for an automobile sales agent is $42,565.

3. Freelance Writer
Being a freelance writer allows you the freedom to choose the people and businesses to work with from the comfort of own home. There are a lot of legitimate platforms where you can simply sign up as an author and start your new home-based business without ever having to worry about a drug test. If you’re just starting out as an entry-level writer, you can expect a variety of low paying jobs to start. However, if you have the experience and writing skills, you can make a decent living. The annual salary for an experienced freelance writer is $48,985.

4. IT Consultants
IT Consultants are often self-employed specialists who solve problems for major corporations and business in the IT industry. Experienced consultants who work for leading firms have the potential to earn pay packages that far exceed the national average. There are many IT jobs that get outsourced, and so there are many companies that don’t drug test in the IT industry. The annual salary for IT consultants ranges between $72,000 and $174,000 with an average annual salary of $102,000.

5. Accountant
Unless you’re working in an office setting for a major business or corporation, you’d never have to worry about a drug test as an accountant. Being your own boss allows you to contract your own services and choose your clients on your own terms; therefore, there’s never a concern about any standard pre-employment drug test. The annual salary for an accountant is between $40,000 and $75,000.

6. General Contractor
Among companies that don’t drug test, the best is the company that you own yourself as a general contractor. You would need to carry your own general liability insurance, worker’s compensation, and obtain a contractors license to operate in most states, but there will never be a drug test if you make this your career choice.

If you have excellent carpentry, painting, drywall or landscaping skills, this is a business that can be started with minimal investments. You can easily work under other general contractors on commercial projects or for a variety of residential homeowners as your own boss and never sweat a drug test. The annual salary for a general contractor is between $36,000 and $85,000.

7. Chef
If you love to cook and prepare signature meals, most restaurants and 5-star hotels do not care what their chefs do on their time off. That is, as long it doesn’t affect their chef’s ability to prepare meals that entice customers to come back for more. And they will not drug test you. Although some businesses require culinary experience or a chef’s degree, there are some that will overlook the certifications for those who can produce top-quality dishes. The average annual salary for a chef is $68,392.

8. Events Planner
This is another job in which you are the boss, and you certainly wouldn’t drug test yourself. Therefore, all you need are great organizational skills, attention to detail, and more creativity than your competition in order to be successful in this demanding industry. In planning social events, weddings, and even funerals, you can make a nice living for yourself as an events planner. The average annual salary for an events planner is $47,385.

9. Online Entrepreneur
Being an online entrepreneur is one of the easiest fields in which to start a business, especially with platforms like eBay at your disposal. And a big perk: again, no drug tests. Whether you have valuable items to sell or if you have a steady supplier of consumer goods, you can simply upload the items you’re selling, wait for the orders to process, and ship them to your customers. The annual salary for an online entrepreneur is $42,996.

10. Master Grower
Of course, we had to save one of the best jobs that don't drug test for last, and that is the profession of master grower. Employment in this industry is in high demand, and it’s also a very important job because without the steady cultivation of cannabis, there wouldn’t be any ganja to smoke. State-licensed dispensaries for both the medical and recreational sectors are always looking for high-quality products to sell to their customers.

A master grower is responsible for overseeing the entire operation including planting seedlings, cloning, pest management, crop nutrition, greenhouse equipment, cultivation, harvesting, and employee management. Additionally, you will also be required to have interactions with state compliance officials and the local police.

There are a number of online universities in the US for around $1000 where you can easily get certified to be a master grower. There are also many federal and state grants available and small business loan providers that are more than willing to invest in the cannabis industry and you as a master grower.

With more states opening retail stores for recreational marijuana sales, master growers will be in high demand. The annual salary for a master grower is $100,000 with the added benefit of getting a percentage of the facility’s profit.

The Best Advice About Jobs That Don't Drug Test

This guide was designed by our team of drug-testing advisors to help those who may be wondering what kind of job they could get without ever having to worry about being subjected to a drug test.

There are many good-paying jobs in the US that don’t drug test, and hopefully, the list provided above shed some light on new opportunities that can help you to support yourself or your family. The best advice we can give you is to find something you’re passionate about and pursue the dream jobs that don't drug test.