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Klear Urine Additive to Pass a Drug Test


  • add a vial of Klear crystals to your own urine sample to pass
  • not recommended for use in the USA
  • now detectable under sophisticated testing
  • unless you know FOR SURE that your lab is NOT detecting Klear, use the powdered urine kit, which has never failed

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  • two vials containing clear crystals of Klear, the urine additive
  • complete and detailed instructions including the detection warning
  1. On the day of your test, drink at least a quart of any liquid to dilute your urine. If possible, take 50 mg of vitamin B complex to color your urine.
  2. For the test, add one vial of Klear to each urine sample and swirl the sample to completely dissolve.
  3. For samples larger than four ounces use two vials of Klear.
  4. Do not take internally. Avoid contact with skin and mucous membranes.

Tips and Tricks to pass a urine drug test

  • for all job drug tests, use the powdered urine kit

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Verified Buyer
This did a great job!

This KLEAR urine additive really did the trick and I’m so glad!

Written by S from Bryn Mawr 7/10/2023
Verified Buyer
Did the trick!

Did the trick! thank you Testclear!

Written by Katie Holt from Los Angeles 7/15/2019

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