Synthetic Urine vs. Real Powdered Urine Products

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, January 31, 2024

There are great advantages to using powdered human urine over a synthetic urine kit. Using synthetic urine can be risky since it may not be reliable for certain drug test settings. That’s why, at Testclear, we sell real powdered urine kits instead. Authentic human urine cannot be detected in laboratories as fake urine.

Synthetic urine sellers claim that a fake urine kit is the best way to ensure that you will not test positive for any drugs. This might have been a true statement a few years ago. But what these sellers will not tell you is that major drug testing laboratories are currently detecting synthetic urine.  Here is a letter shared by a customer that his workplace is now checking for synthetic urine.

A few months ago, we attended the annual conference for Drug Testing Companies, and one of the chief scientists from a major drug testing lab talked about how they have the ability to detect synthetic urine samples. He added that they buy the fake urine off the internet, as you and I would do. He commented that some synthetic urine is of very poor quality and easily detected by visual inspection.

If your drug testing situation is important to you, I would not use any kind of synthetic urine. Instead, I would use Real Powdered Urine. Let’s look at this from a common sense standpoint. Very rarely will synthetic products meet the standards of the real thing. Can you tell the difference between polyester and cotton pants? The same goes for fake urine. While it may look like urine, someone trained to detect fake pee will be able to notice the difference very quickly.

Now, what happens if you get caught using a synthetic urine kit? In a pre-employment situation, you would not get the job. In fact, if you get caught using it in a random situation, you would most likely get fired, even if your company has a rehabilitation policy. Companies would view this as deception on their part and use it to terminate an employee - plus, the employee would most lose any accrued benefits.

It is sad, but you have to remember if you use a fake urine kit, you are playing Russian roulette with your career. Therefore we only recommend Real Powdered Urine as the surest way to pass a drug test. While fake pee is a great concept, but if the laboratory is on top of it, you might have to learn a lesson the hard way.


For a solution much superior to synthetic urine, check out the Powdered Urine Kit, which only uses real drug-free human urine.

Real Powdered Urine Kit

Real Urine that is Superior to Fake Urine 

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