Azo and Drug Tests 

Azo is a company that creates products to improve urinary tract health. There are two different Azo products that have a relationship to drug tests. 

The first relationship between Azo and drug tests is the possibility of Azo Standard causing a false positive during a drug test. Azo Standard is a medication for urinary pain relief. Under some circumstances, combining Azo Standard and drug tests will result in a false positive drug test. In order to avoid a potential situation like this, you should not use Azo Standard around the time of a drug test. If you must use Azo Standard, you need to inform the drug-testing laboratory that you are taking them. It is recommended that you just take the entire box with you in case the drug testing laboratory needs to verify anything.

The second relationship between Azo and drug tests is much more common. One of Azo’s other products is cranberry tablets. Many people think that by taking a large amount of Azo’s cranberry tablets before a drug test, they will be able to pass their drug test. Although this relationship between Azo and drug tests may work some of the time, it is not a guaranteed method for passing drug tests. If you are serious about passing your drug test, there are many more reliable methods than trying to exploit the relationship between Azo and the drug test.

Instead of using Azo in an attempt to pass drug tests, you are much better off investing in a product that is actually designed to be used for drug testing. If you want to preserve the effect of Azo and drug tests, you should invest in a quality detoxification product. Detoxification products have the same effects as Azo and drug tests by flushing drug toxins out of your body, but an actual detoxification product does it much more thoroughly than Azo. Testclear offers several different levels of detoxification products, and each one of them uses a special three-part system to ensure that all traces of drug use are successfully flushed out. Each detoxification product is designed for people with a specific level of exposure to drug toxins, so it is important that you purchase the correct product.

If you are having trouble selecting the right detoxification product, you can let one of Testclear’s Drug Testing Advisors assist you. You can tell a Testclear advisor about your drug testing situation and your truthful amount of drug use, and they will be able to recommend the best detoxification product for you. 

If you decide that you are not concerned about having the same experience as Azo and drug tests, there is another product that can guarantee your success at passing urine tests. This product is known as a powdered urine kit. A powdered urine kit contains actual human urine, which makes it far more effective than products like synthetic urine. The urine is completely drug fee, and is undetectable by even the most sophisticated drug testing equipment. The kit also contains an air-activated heater, which allows you to warm your sample to the same temperature as a real human urine sample. If you want to keep your job without worrying about the effects of Azo and drug tests, stick to investing in a detoxification product or powdered urine kit.

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