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Do Internships Drug Test

Starting your career as an intern can provide a surprising real-world experience to gain or explore the skills and relevant knowledge to enter into a certain career field. Although you’re not considered an employee until the company decides if they want to hire you or not, does this mean you’re exempt from company drug policies and procedures? And the million-dollar question that most interns want to know is: Do internships drug test?

So, Do Interns Get Drug Tested?

Internships are short-term job experiences that offer on-the-job training and applying your classroom knowledge to the real world, and in the real world, drug testing is a reality. Therefore, you should expect a drug test, especially in certain industries such as healthcare, aviation, education, transportation, and sports as well as any job that’s on a federal or state level.

On the other hand, there are certain companies that do not drug test which still offer a lot of incentives, college credits, and prospects of a handsome pay package. To see our list of top careers in the US that do not drug test, click here. Or to search our database of companies that drug test, click here.

Trying to figure out the best course of action really is a personal question and a decision only you can make. These decisions can weigh heavily on those who are currently using a recreational drug such as cannabis and want to intern at a company that enforces a drug-free environment. In cases such as this, it’s important to understand what an internship drug test is, the common types of drug tests you can expect, and how to rid your body of detectable toxins.

What do Internships Drug Test For?

An internship drug test works on the same premise that a pre-employment screening or random drug test does for any company employee. Internships drug test for cannabis, methamphetamines, amphetamines, cocaine, opiates, alcohol, nicotine and more. If you’re looking to intern at a company that does drug screening as part of their internship process, you can request a sample of the company’s drug test policy that should specify and outline how and when they screen for alcohol and drugs as they are permitted by state law.

State and Federal Drug Test Laws

There are state and federal laws that govern the policies that employers can use regarding drug abuse in the workplace. Employers reserve the right to prohibit the use of alcohol and drugs, test for substance abuse, and fire employees as well as interns who are engaging in substance abuse. However, employees and interns with substance abuse problems are protected by state and federal laws that regulate disabilities and discrimination.

For more information on the state and federal drug testing laws that apply to the state in which you reside, check your state’s legislative body. You can access information about your state laws by going to the Law Library of Congress.

How Do Internships Drug Test?

Internships can use a variety of drug testing procedures to screen potential interns. The most common drug tests that companies use are either a mouth swab test or urinalysis. However, this doesn’t rule out a hair follicle test or blood test for certain internships. Here’s a closer look at what an internship drug test will look like:

  • Urine Drug Test: This is a common drug test for companies who are screening potential interns for substance abuse. A urinalysis will detect the presence of drug toxins that are in your body after a drug has worn off. These tests are very accurate, and they can detect common recreational drugs such as cocaine, cannabis, amphetamines, opiates, alcohol and more. However, with the proper warning and one of our Detox Kits, you can easily pass a urinalysis test.

  • Mouth Swab Drug Test: A mouth swab drug test (MSDT) or saliva drug test is also a very popular drug test that you may be subjected to when applying for your internship. It collects samples of your saliva but unlike the urine test, it tests for the activated TCH, which is the delta-9 compound found in marijuana as well as other recently used drugs. The detection times can also vary depending on the drug and times used.

    The MSDT is one of the least invasive types of drug tests, and it’s also fairly inexpensive. Therefore, you should prepare yourself for a saliva drug test for your internship, and by utilizing one of our Drug Identification Kits to see exactly the levels of detectable toxins in your system.

  • Blood Drug Test: In some cases, you may be subjected to a blood drug test for your internship. A blood test measures and detects the quantity of drugs or alcohol in your blood at the time it’s drawn. These are very accurate, so if you have something to worry about, it’s a good idea to start a detox program before you submit to a blood test.

  • Hair Follicle Drug Test: Certain companies have very stringent drug policies for their employees and prospective interns, and they can detect drugs up to 90-days in your system. Hair samples can detect a laundry list of drugs and alcohol; therefore, you definitely want to start a detox program and abstain from the use of drugs and alcohol if you want to pass your internship drug screening.
Passing Your Intern Drug Test

Prospective interns may be subjected to any one of the drug tests mentioned above prior to being considered for an internship, depending on the company and its drug policies. Another question that may come up is: Do interns get drug tested after being accepted for an internship? Again, the answer depends on the company and their drug policies within the workplace. If you were drug tested before your internship was accepted, there’s a good chance you may be subjected to a random drug test after being hired.

So, what’s the best way to pass your intern drug test? As mentioned above, refrain from using drugs and cleanse your body with one of our Detox Kits. We also provide a variety of other adulterants that can help you to cleanse your system and pass your intern drug test. When it comes to getting the internship that you want? It's nice to know there are products available that can help you pass a drug test whether you just used drugs or not.