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    ...I just wanted to say thank you! I passed my test and I'm able to provide for my family with the best job I've ever been given the opportunity to work! It worked perfect! I actually was sent to a second testing facility which added two hours to my 'hold time' and had no temp changes! Thanks again!...
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    ...I really wish I would have found your products before I used synthetic urine and failed. =( There are so many success stories on forums and the internet from people who have succeeded by using synthetic, but I guess those days are long gone. I knew better, but didn't listen to my better judgment. My test results came back "inconclusive" when I used synthetic...
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Alcohol Testing

PUBLISHED: Monday, January 17, 2022


For safe, do-it-yourself alcohol testing, try the BreathScan alcohol detector. If you want a safe, easy, and effective way to test for recent alcohol use, a small breath-tester is definitely the way to go. Alcohol testing is a highly effective way to convince people who’ve had a little too much to drink that they shouldn’t drive, and can also help you determine if it’s been long enough since your last drink for you to drive yourself home. 

Let’s face it, when you’ve had a few drinks, it’s very difficult to determine whether or not you should drive home or not. This is because when you’re a little bit intoxicated, you usually don’t feel like you’re all that drunk at all – and since alcohol can lower your inhibitions, a lot of people feel that they’re not drunk, and then make a bad decision to drive home. For a low price, you can do your own alcohol testing before you even get in the car with the BreathScan alcohol testing devices that are sold on our site. They’re small, easy to use, and last as long as you need them to. That way, if you stock up now, you don’t have to worry about them going bad in the future.

Essentially, these BreathScan devices will detect any alcohol above .02%, so if you blow clear with one of these tests, then you’re definitely not in danger of being accused of drunk driving. These are also useful if you’re not quite sure that you can trust your designated driver. Just ask that your designated driver breathes into one of these alcohol testing devices at the end of the night, and you can make sure that he or she is going to be able to drive you home safely without getting into an alcohol-related car accident.

These small alcohol testing devices are also easy to use if you’re in other situations that require that the person operating heavy machinery is not under the influence at all. If you’re ever at all suspicious, then you can get an answer to your question quickly. In any case, this is the best product for do-it-yourself alcohol testing, because it is cheap, easy to store, and can be used literally anywhere. Don’t get caught in a situation where you can’t tell if somebody’s intoxicated and need to know. With just one of these BreathScan alcohol tests, you can check with just one quick breath. Also, if you need to convince a friend or relative that they’ve had too much to drink and shouldn’t drive, this is one of the most effective tools on the market!