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Alcoscan AL2500 Digital Alcohol Breathalyzer

  • breathe into the detector and read your blood alcohol level

  • hand-held, reliable, resusable

  • power on, wait for the beep, blow

  • clear digital display with three-digit LED readout and backlight for night use

  • no mouthpieces required

  • audible alerts, low battery indicator and auto power off

  • pocket size - 4 x 1.5 x 1 inches, only 3 ounces with two AA batteries

  • DOT approved

  • accuracy of +/- 0.01% at 0.10% BAC 

  • recalibration required after 200 tests or one year

  • warm-up is less than one minute

Product Details

Alcoscan AL2500 Digital Alcohol Detector


  • breathalyzer

  • two AA batteries

  • complete and detailed instruction sheet



  • Press the power button. The tester will indicate the completion of the 30-second warm-up process when "0" is displayed.

  • When you hear two beeps, take a deep breath and blow steadily for 3-4 seconds.

  • After a proper sample has been blown, it will beep once to show that it has taken a reading.
  • After the analysis is complete, the "WAIT" indicator will turn off and the unit will beep again. You will then see a Blood Alcohol Concentration reading in the display.

  • To retest, press the power again and repeat procedure.



  • The tester will automatically shut off if you do not blow within 20 seconds.

  • If you blow less than 0.01% BAC, the sensor may not be activated and it will display 0.00% BAC. 

  • If the BAC level is over 0.05% BAC, a warning light will flash

  • Do not use this tester as a tool to drink and drive.
  • Recalibration required after 200 tests or one year.

  • For accurate results, space tests at least two minutes apart.

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