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Mold is a pervasive growth that can affect your home and your health. Therefore, be sure to have a mold test kit handy. A mold testing kit can be used in order to see if mold has started to grow in various parts of your home. You might choose a mold detection kit after water has damaged a part of your home. Mold can be difficult to see in some cases, which is why professional mold test kits are so important. Other people may use a mold test kit on a regular basis if they have a particular allergy to mold. In this manner, our mold test kit - Mold Chek - can provide critical health information over time. With this mold test, you take samples from your home and send it to an accredited laboratory for a color graph report for accredited lab results within days for $39. It will detect mold growth you can't see, covering over 200 different varieties of mold. Mold Chek tells you if you should hire a mold professional, the likelihood of mold contamination, approximately how much mold is present, what type of mold you may have, and if toxic mold may be present.

In addition, with our allergy test kit, Allergy Chek, you take take samples from your home and send it to a laboratory for a color graph report from an accredited lab within days for $69. The lab report compares limits set by the American Indoor Hygiene Association against your sample. The allergy test kit will detects microscopic particles you cannot see including dust mites and pet dander.

Both tests are quick, safe, and easy to conduct.

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Mold Test for Home and Business
Price: $15.95
Allergy Test Kit
Price: $16.95

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