The task of beating a drug test is something that is important to many people. Beating a drug test can mean the difference between keeping your current job and income or losing it all. If you are facing a drug test for your current job (or even a potential job), it is important that you realize there are ways to go about beating the drug test. However, none of the recommended methods for beating drug tests are “home remedies.” Regardless of who tells you their “special trick” for beating a drug test, it is important to realize that none of these methods will guarantee that you pass your drug test. Therefore, it is best not to tempt fate, and to stick with the methods that have been proven effective time after time. 

The only guaranteed way to go about beating a drug test is with the aid of a product designed specifically for the drug test. Because these products are designed for different specific drug tests, the first step to beating a drug test is finding out what kind of test you will be taking. There are three different kinds of drug tests, including urine, hair follicle and saliva drug tests. Each of these drug tests takes a sample from a different part of the body and screens it for signs of drug usage. Most standard drug tests look for five different groups of illegal substances. These groups include opiates, amphetamines, methamphetamines, marijuana and cocaine. If you have recently used any of these substances, you will require assistance if you are interested in beating your drug test.

Once you identify what kind of test you will be taking, you can proceed to find the product that will be most effective in helping you at beating your drug test. One way to ensure that you get a good product is to only do business with good companies. Respectable companies like Testclear only carry products that actually work, so you do not have to waste your time figuring out which products will actually be effective in helping you beat your drug test. 

Depending on what kind of drug test you are facing, there are several products that almost every quality company will recommend for beating your drug test. If beating a urine drug test is your goal, a powdered urine kit is a must. A powdered urine kit is the only method of beating a urine drug test that is guaranteed. The powdered urine included in the kit is drug-free human urine. When mixed with water and heated to the proper temperature (using the heather included in the kit), a powdered urine kit gives you a real drug-free sample of human urine.

For some people, their companies may use hair follicle testing. If you fall into the category that needs help beating a hair follicle drug test, you will want to purchase one of several shampoos designed to get rid of or mask the drug toxins that are present on your scalp. Finally, the product designed for beating a saliva drug test is a specially formulated mouthwash. Toxin Rid Rescue Mouthwash, which comes in an easily concealable bottle, should be swished for three minutes prior to a saliva drug test. If you take the time to research your drug test and invest in a quality product, beating your drug test will not be a difficult issue at all.


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