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CheckMate Infidelity Test                 WE NO LONGER CARRY THIS PRODUCT

CheckMate Infidelity Test

  • "be the first to know instead of the last"

  • monitor your spouses sexual activity outside of the relationship

  • "if they did it, it's there"

  • detects traces of semen that are left in undergarments after sex

  • performs 4-5 tests

  • designed to work on any type or color of material

  • will not damage or stain the material being tested

  • guaranteed 100% effective

  • results in five minutes

Product Details

CheckMate Infidelity Test

CheckMate Infidelity Test


  • two bottles of liquid transfer medium

  • two bottles of CheckMate reaction component

  • ten Lift Trace papers

  • two packaged applicators

  • frequently asked questions sheet

  • complete and detailed instruction sheet


  1. If you can actually see the suspected stain, use the supplied dropper and remove a small amount  of the liquid from bottle #1 and wet the suspected stain. This only takes 1-2 drops. If you can't see a stain, but suspect one may be present, simple wet the suspected area. Allow the liquid to soak into the fabric. If you are doing a side-by-side test with a known sample, you should also place 1-2 drops onto this stain now too. after the liquid has soaked into the fabric tested, proceed to step two immediately before the fabric has any chance to dry.

  2. Using one of the supplied blotting papers, simply blot the entire wetted suspected test area with the paper by pushing down gently in different places until the paper is thoroughly wetted. If semen is present, this transfers it from the material being tested to the blotting paper - so let the paper soak up the liquid. Now set the paper aside to dry. If you are doing a side-by-side test with a known sample, do the same as above, but with a different piece of paper and set it aside to dry also. You must make sure to do this after - not before - you do the suspect test. If you were to do the blotting part of the test on the known semen sample first, you could contaminate the suspect test paper. So, if you decide to do the side-by-side test, always do the suspect test first.

  3. Using the supplied dropper, remove 10 ml of the liquid from bottle #1 and mix it with the contents of bottle #2. Shake for at least 30 seconds to mix completely.

  4. For the last step, you must time yourself carefully. Don't guess. Use a timer or a watch with a second hand. After blotting the paper has dried, shake bottle #2 again and using the dropper, extract a small amount of the fluid from the bottle. Place a small amount of the liquid onto the suspect blotting paper (1-3 drops). If you are doing a side-by-side test. place a small amount of the fluid onto the known sample at the same time. As soon as you place the liquid onto the paper, start looking at your watch. if semen is present, you will see a purple color start to appear on the paper immediately. if semen is present, you will see this start to happen within 15 seconds or less. If the purple does not appear within 15 seconds, it is not a positive test and no traces of semen are present. Any red, yellow or even slightly purple coloring that appears after an extended time is definitely not a positive test result. No traces of the test will be left behind on the material being tested. If you are not concerned with staining the material and it is a light color like white, you can place the fluid mixture directly onto the suspected test area. The same procedure should be followed as to the timing part of the test. If semen is present, even in the smallest trace amounts, you will see the purple color appear within 15 seconds.

Tips and Hints


When using CheckMate, timing is very important. If you suspect your female partner of having sex with someone other than yourself, you must make certain you have had no sexual intercourse with her for at least seven days. Semen can be detected even after showering for up to 72 hours or more, so be sure that you have had no relations with her for the specified time period. Failure to follow these guidelines could possibly result in a false positive test result. Everyone's situation is different, but use common sense when using this product. CheckMate tests for only the presence of semen, not who it came from.


Timing is the most important factor for the proper use of this product. For women using this test on a man, you must consider things like masturbation and personal habits and hygiene. CheckMate is very easy to use. Just wait until the right time to do the test. Everyone's situation is different, but a good example would be if he takes a shower, puts on clean clothes and goes out with the boys every Friday night, then Saturday morning would be a good time to do the test.


Of course, undergarments are the best place to test, but only you will know when is the right time. Everyone's situation is different. Just follow the easy instructions.

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I've been married to the same woman for the past 20 years. To be honestly and frankly speaking we both have gained substantial weight over our lengthy and hard relationship. Needless to say t...

Written by James White from St.marys 6/28/2020

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