Urinator - Now with Real Powdered Urine

The Urinator is engineered to pass a drug test.

The Urinator is designed to pass a urine test and protect your medical privacy without a degree in mechanical engineering.  With the kit you will also get some free Powdered Urine that comes with it.  The Urinator runs on batteries using a silicon heating device. The urine is stored in an IV bag and is designed to be worn near the crotch area. Attached to the bag is a flexible tube that stretches out from the bag to simulate urination.. Wearing the Urinator is very comfortable.

During our testing the batteries of the Urinator quickly brought the urine to the correct temperature. The Urinator maintains it's temperature automatically without any user intervention. We found during our own testing it kept the urine at the right temp with no problems.

The Urinator is great idea and very simple to use and would be suitable for the majority of people faced with a drug testing situation. We have not found better and simpler ways to pass a drug test.   For what the Urinator does it is very reasonable. For people facing to pass an employment drug test this is one of the better ways to pass with.  And I am sure you will be happy with it as well.

When you purchase the Urinator we recommend that you test it very extensively. Do this by running your own trail runs with water, and be sure use clean urine from a donor that you known to be clean, or use the Real Powdered Urine Kit.  The labs are able to detect many of the synthetic urine with their sophisticated testing procedures, so the last thing you want to do is raise any red flags.

If you are a geek type person then you will love the Urinator.  If you are not a geek type person you will still love it because of it's simplicity.


Click here to discovered more about the Urinator.

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