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    ...I just wanted to say thank you! I passed my test and I'm able to provide for my family with the best job I've ever been given the opportunity to work! It worked perfect! I actually was sent to a second testing facility which added two hours to my 'hold time' and had no temp changes! Thanks again!...
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    ...I really wish I would have found your products before I used synthetic urine and failed. =( There are so many success stories on forums and the internet from people who have succeeded by using synthetic, but I guess those days are long gone. I knew better, but didn't listen to my better judgment. My test results came back "inconclusive" when I used synthetic...
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Detoxify Your Body 

In many situations, the easiest way to prepare for a drug test is by making sure that you allow enough time to detoxify your body. The goal of detoxifying your body is to get rid of the drug toxins in your body that can cause you to test positive on a drug test. By detoxifying your body, you can destroy all of the “evidence” that could potentially cause you to fail a drug test. For most people, a failed drug test could mean a lost job. Because there is so much riding on your drug test, it is important that you know how to properly detoxify your body. 

There are many people and sources that will tell you that you can detoxify your body with some form of a homemade cocktail. While this may occasionally work for certain people, trying to detoxify your body with something you make on your own is not a reliable way to pass a drug test. Although it could save you a few dollars upfront, taking a foolish chance like this could ultimately cost you your current income. In order to properly detoxify your body, you will need to invest a little bit of money into a detoxification product. However, you should really classify this expense as an investment in your job security.

Testclear has a detoxification product for every budget and situation. Regardless of what your circumstances are, you will be able to successfully detoxify your body with the aid of one of Testclear’s products.

Testclear only sells Toxin Rid detoxification products. Toxin Rid is an industry leader, and their products are guaranteed to thoroughly detoxify your body. Although there are different levels are products, they all work in the same way. Toxin Rid products are completely naturally products. They detoxify your body without exposing it to any fillers or artificial substances. Their detoxification programs are also free of any synthetics or animal products. They work to detoxify your body by using a special three part system, which includes pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber and detox liquid. The benefit of the three-part system is that it ensures any lingering drug toxins are eliminated by the second and third steps. Once you start using one of these products, it will begin to work within one hour. The product will ensure that your blood, urine and saliva are all thoroughly detoxified.

The lowest Toxin Rid product level is a one day detoxification program. This product is designed specifically for people with light exposure to drug toxins. If you fall into the category of moderate toxin exposure, you will need to purchase the two or three-day program to detoxify your body. Even if you have heavy toxin exposure, the four or five-day program can completely detoxify your body. Finally, for people with extremely high toxin exposure, Toxin Rid has a ten-day detoxification product. This product can detoxify your body, regardless of how high your levels of toxin exposure are. With the aid of Toxin Rid and Testclear, you can detoxify your body in no time!