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    ...I just wanted to say thank you! I passed my test and I'm able to provide for my family with the best job I've ever been given the opportunity to work! It worked perfect! I actually was sent to a second testing facility which added two hours to my 'hold time' and had no temp changes! Thanks again!...
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    ...I really wish I would have found your products before I used synthetic urine and failed. =( There are so many success stories on forums and the internet from people who have succeeded by using synthetic, but I guess those days are long gone. I knew better, but didn't listen to my better judgment. My test results came back "inconclusive" when I used synthetic...
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Home Drug Test

If you’re worried about whether or not you’ll test positive for a drug, you should try a home drug test. The reason is simple – why let yourself get surprised when you can find out if you’re going to test positive before you ever go in to get tested? Also, if you find that you’re consistently testing positive on a home drug test, then you will know whether or not you need to use one of the many products that are on the market to help you test negative for any number of drugs.

For your convenience, we offer a home drug test for all of the following drugs: marijuana, cocaine, ecstasy, opiates, barbiturates, benzodiazepine, nicotine and alcohol. If you need to, you can also get multi-panel drug tests which will test for several different types of drugs. This is highly useful if you’re worried about whether or not you’ll test positive. In fact, since the amount of time it takes for some drugs (for instance THC) to leave your body varies by so much, having one of these drug tests available will help you to know ahead of time whether or not you’re still testing positive.

One thing that people worry about when it comes to home drug tests is whether or not the drug test is reliable – with the home drug tests that we offer, this is not a problem. The tests are shown to be 99% accurate, so if you’re testing positive under our test, then you’ll definitely need to try something other than simply waiting to avoid failing a drug test.

If you don’t want to take a home drug test that requires a urine sample, don’t worry! There is also a home drug test that tests for six different drugs (opiates, cocaine, PCP, marijuana, amphetamines and methamphetamines) using your saliva. This is great if you want a very easy to use test and don’t want to worry about a potential mess.

Home drug tests that test for alcohol essentially consist of home-use breathalyzer tests. If you have to drive home but don’t want to be left out of the fun, a home-use breathalyzer test might be the right option for you. By using one of these, you can easily find out when you’re no longer intoxicated – so you’ll know when it’s safe to head home.

Whether you’re testing to see if you’re still intoxicated, or you want to find out if you’ll test positive for a drug test, a home drug test can be a useful tool when it comes to protecting your privacy and testing negative on company drug tests. Don’t be surprised! Know whether or not you’re testing positive for a drug before you even go in!