PDT 90 Hair Drug Testing Kit
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PDT 90 is the most accurate Hair Drug Testing Kit available to the the public. This kit tests for the presence of Marijuana, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Methamphetamine, PCP, and Ecstasy. This test you do in the comfort of your own home and all results are full confidential. If you are going to be faced with a Hair Testing situation this is the surest way to tell if you will test positive.
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Product Details

The PDT-90 Personal Hair Testing Kit includes: 1) A Collection Instructions Brochure which explains in detail the Hair Drug Testing process. 2) A Frequently Asked Questions Brochure answering all your questions related to Hair Drug Testing. 3) A Hair Drug Test Collection Package which includes a integrity seal insure that your sample is secure and confidential. 4) A Postage Paid Envelop so that your results are securely sent to the Hair Testing Lab for processing. Hair Testing requires very sophisticated equipment so the sample is mailed to the Drug Testing facility.

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