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Passing a Piss Test: How to Pass a THC, Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol Piss Drug Test

Question:  How to Pass a Piss Test?

Alternative Question:  How to Pass a THC, Marijuana, Cocaine, Alcohol, Steroid Piss Drug Test?



There are a number of ways to pass a piss test.  This includes doping the sample to interfere with the detection methodology,  substitution methods in which you substitute your dirty urine with clean urine, flushing your system with a drink, pill,  or water product to dilute metabolite concentrations in the urine in hope that they will be low enough for you to pass.


We will examine the pros and cons of each of the methods above in hope to arrive to a satisfactory solution for yourself.  It is important to note unlike many tests in life that we encounter failing a piss test is detrimental to ones career.   In many cases if a person fails a piss test they do not get a second chance to pass.  Because of this it is very important to understand what a person is getting into when they encounter the various methods to pass a piss test.

    Doping Samples or adding additives to samples:

Additives have been around since the beginning of drug testing.   In the beginning the most common found additives found were those found in the home.   The most popular being bleach.  However as drug testing techniques become sophisticated they soon to devise ways to test for additives. 

  One of the popular additives is one made by Spectrum Labs called Urine Luck.  One year when I attended the NORML conference in Washington DC there was a joke going around if you use Urine Luck you must have LUCK when using it to pass a piss test.  That is the honest truth because with the internet the labs just purchase the additives from the websites that sell additives and devise methods to detect them. 

  Other common additives are Clear Choice Additive, Stealth, KLEAR, Randy's Klear and the list goes on and on.  If you are using an additive to pass a piss drug test with then you are asking for failure.

   Dilution Methods to Help in Passing a Piss Test:

This is perhaps the oldest and most common method to help a person pass a piss drug test.  The whole theory behind this technique is for the user to use dilution as the primary means to pass a drug test.  

 This can be in the form of drinking a specialized carbohydrate drink mixture designed to help a person pass a piss drug test or something as common as drinking water or cranberry juice.   These products can be in the form of pill or drinks but they all have something in common:  they are all sold under the guise of being health food.  

  Let's get something straight here:  you are needing a product to help you pass a piss drug test, not something that will get you healthy.  Healthy people test positive for piss drug tests all the time.   The labeling of these products always suggest that it will remove toxins from your system, but toxins can mean the air that we breath.  

 Many of these products can be classified as deception products that make you think that they are designed to helping you pass a piss test, but in fact mean something totally different.

    Substitution Methods to Help in Passing a Piss Test:








Our company, Testclear, takes the time to research common myths about passing a drug test.   We give you objective and thoughtful information pertaining to the most common drug testing myths.  It is our conclusion that Baking Soda is NOT an effective means to pass a drug test.   If you have any question about how you can effectively pass a drug test.  Give Testclear a call at:          1-866-837-8253 to speak with a Drug Testing Advisor.