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PopCheck DNA Paternity Test

PopCheck DNA Paternity Test

  • if the man tested is the biological father, his probability of paternity is 99.9% or higher

  • if the man tested is not the biological father, his probability of paternity is 0%

  • easy as brushing your teeth

  • simple, discreet and requires no blood

  • test any age - baby to adult

  • results available by internet, email, mail or fax

  • no charge for DNA analysis

  • court admissible report available at extra charge

  • conclusive results can be obtained by testing only the child and the alleged father.

Product Details

PopCheck DNA Paternity Test

PopCheck DNA Paternity Test


  • numbered and barcoded sample labels

  • two rubber gloves

  • pre-addressed envelope to send samples to the lab

  • barcoded card indicating delivery method of results

  • six sterile polyester tipped applicators for sample gathering

  • complete and detailed instruction sheet


  1. Label one applicator slip with one of the labels that say father, child or mother, depending on who you are testing.

  2. Open the paper slip. Be sure to open from the end marked PEEL. Try to leave as much of the envelope slip intact - you will be returning the swabs in it for transport. Remove one of the two swabs inside. Swabs from one person should NEVER come in contact with the other person’s swabs so test people one at a time.

  3. Place the first swab inside of the mouth of the person being tested. Rub and scrape the swab up and down on the interior cheek surface. You are trying to remove cheek cells from the interior of the cheek so be very vigorous, but it should not break skin or be painful. Aggressively twirl the swab as you rub. Complete 25 strokes or more. Be sure to take more than 30 full seconds using a clock - do not guess.

  4. Place the shaft of the swab in a glass or cup, so the tip of the swab is exposed to air dry. Allow the swabs to dry naturally - don't use heat or blow on the swabs. Make sure the tip of the swab will not come in contact with anything else that could contaminate it, especially the cup or other sample swabs. Repeat with the same person using the second swab from the same slip.

  5. Allow the swabs to dry for ten minutes or more. When the swabs dry they can be returned to the paper sleeve for transport. Do not seal them any further as they will continue to air dry in transit. If the swabs do not dry naturally they will pick up mold or fungus that can destroy the sample. You are not testing saliva, but the swabs will get wet from saliva, this is expected. Cheek cells can not be seen -- the swab might look the same before and after the test.

  6. Place the sleeve with the two completed swabs into the mailer envelope ready to send to the lab – You have now tested ONE person. Double check that you have the right label - mother, father or child - on the slip.

  7. Follow the same procedure with the other two people. If you are not mailing the swabs the same day then store them in a refrigerator.

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