Your Guide to the Top 70 Marijuana Blogs

PUBLISHED: Thursday, January 19, 2023

Top Marijuana Blogs

Top Marijuana Blogs

Marijuana has gained a lot of positive claims throughout the years that it has been legalized in many states across the country. While this is so, many people are still not fully educated about cannabis, its medical benefits, and the legalities that come with it.

For a start, here are some of the best marijuana blogs on the web that educate and entertain, whether you are a consumer or not.


Cannabis Magazines


Green Love Denver

Green Love Denver

Green Love Denver is a fun and informative website that publishes lifestyle posts for cannabis users in a cannabis-friendly state. Its blog posts range from everything under the cannabis lifestyle to its health and wellness benefits. Its contributors also publish podcasts called Lit & Lucid for interested listeners, as well as yoga classes and other events. The Green Love Denver website offers cute quality merch like statement T-shirts, pillows, and stickers. Cannabis users will find a cool and valuable read on this site.




If you are looking for a no-fuss online guide for anything cannabis, Skunkology is the place to go. Divided into five categories, the blog reveals everything you need to learn about weed, such as its involvement in culture, its effects on one’s health, how to successfully grow your own plant, and the best cannabis products that you can find. Skunkology creators believe in the role of marijuana in improving people’s health and relieving them of their suffering.


Hey Hello High

Hey Hello High

Hey Hello High is every stoner girl’s safe haven online. Society has branded a terrible stereotype on women who smoke, and Hey Hello High aims to eliminate just that. The website preaches that women can be classy, intelligent, and successful and still be able to smoke weed too.

Hey Hello High posts interesting articles that talk about weed and everything you need to know about it. While it will amuse every reader, it especially connects with millennials who have found enjoyment and medical relief in cannabis.


Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Law Report

Cannabis Law Report is your online digest about cannabis and its ongoing legalization battles in the United States today. Visitors are constantly updated with only the latest news and events regarding cannabis.

Aside from informative articles, Cannabis Law Report also posts interesting features and blog posts related to marijuana and the many ways it is used today. Another feature of the site allows related organizations to promote their businesses through the website’s online directory.


Cannabis Info Point

Cannabis Info Point

Cannabis Info Point is a great online reference for beginners and longtime users alike. The website stores a huge index of news articles, features, and product reviews related to marijuana. It also publishes various videos that fascinate growers, users, and enthusiasts, such as how to pass a marijuana drug test, which grow lights to use, and many more. For the foodies, Cannabis Info Point does not disappoint with its wide array of scrumptious recipes that are sure to delight weed lovers.


Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis

The Ministry of Cannabis blog is a comprehensive library of relevant cannabis articles ranging from different strains of medical cannabis and how to grow them, to interesting information about cannabis and its effect on sex, to weird but true facts regarding marijuana. The blog creates awareness about medical marijuana usage and its benefits to users.


Love and Marij

Love and Marij

Love and Marij aims to spark the cannabis wedding movement, referring couples to marijuana-friendly wedding vendors. Basically, Love and Marij believes that cannabis is the new champagne! In the website’s articles section, readers will gain inspiration with feature articles on successful cannabis weddings and tips on how you can pull off one too!


Cannabis Chronicles

Cannabis Chronicles

Cannabis Chronicles observes and discusses cannabis legalization in the country through its wide-ranging array of related news articles and blog posts. The website aims to give consumers relevant and up-to-date information about the industry and enlighten them on how to use the products safely and properly. With news, reviews, and video updates, Cannabis Chronicles provides a lot to learn.


The Fresh Toast

The Fresh Toast

The Fresh Toast is a daily lifestyle/entertainment site with a heaping side of cannabis that has quickly grown to one of the top-trafficked weed sites in North America. The digital site covers cannabis from a mainstream point of view, including how-to, stories, and industry and legislative updates. Their North American reach has a different demographic them other cannabis sites, including near parity of women/men readers. Their Medical marijuana section is the only site to work with 800,000 medical professionals to provide guidance – making them the most trusted voice in cannabis. Every day they premier new content that is engaging, informative, and fun! The site's non-cannabis content includes gossip, pop culture, sex, tech, hot messes, and more!


Toke of the Town

Toke of the Town

Toke of the Town is an online cannabis magazine that provides vast information related to the use of marijuana. From an informative cannabis encyclopedia to a list of reliable marijuana dispensaries, Toke of the Town has valuable data in store. The News section updates readers with news and trends related to cannabis, more specifically on the status of marijuana legalization across the country.


Women Grow

Women Grow

Women Grow was brought into existence with the aim to educate, inspire, empower, and connect cannabis industry leaders. Through successful programs and community events, Women Grow is constantly fulfilling their mission, particularly immersing women to be successful in the cannabis industry. Visitors can browse through the Blog archives to learn more about such events.


Girl in the Grow

Girl in the Grow

Created by a Canadian social media and influencer marketer who’s eager for the full legalization of marijuana in her country, Girl in the Grow keeps Canadians updated with cannabis-related news. The blog contains a calendar of events, conferences, and awards revolving around the marijuana industry and culture. Girl in the Grow also occasionally features cannabis-based products in its front page.




Smokette features weed wisdom and the calming nature of marijuana. The blog covers anything about cannabis and its culture and adds a positive twist, a relaxed aura to the stories. There’s no argument here, no political debate on legalism and acceptance—just good vibes all around. Even the occasional downbeat news becomes peaceful with Smokette’s positive perspective.




For stoners, by stoners—HerbAlert provides visitors with the interesting and important news on cannabis both medical and recreational and engages readers with thought-provoking and controversial content. While open-mindedness is recommended, HerbAlert nevertheless aids its followers in seeing the light of marijuana with facts and how-to guides, especially on health matters and the cannabis culture. The blog’s articles are helpful to longtime enthusiasts and new users as well.




A fun site for the fun side of weed, StonerDays spreads the love around with all the wonderful benefits of marijuana. Mainly a lifestyle magazine, StonerDays publishes stories that entertain and educate readers with facts. The site even has a cookbook and dictionary sections filled with stoner slang and recipes—useful guides for people looking to dig into the green life.


The Stoner Mom

The Stoner Mom

Kathryn, a thirty-something mom of four from Colorado, extends her motherly love to all medical and recreational marijuana consumers. She too is an advocate to their cause, and to The Stoner Mom’s eyes, cannabis users can come from all walks of life and engage in the culture for various personal reasons. Thus, Kathryn wants those people to know that they are not alone, that she is there for them, and offers her guidance in matters of responsible cannabis use—like how a mother would act to her children. is run by a community of people passionate about the values and benefits of marijuana. They believe that, by teaching society about cannabis, more people will accept the plant as a beneficial herb and not as a stigmatized drug. In other words, isn’t just about growing marijuana; it’s about cultivating the love for the herb in people.


Twelve High Chicks

Twelve High Chicks

Twelve High Chicks blends weed entertainment, activism, skepticism, feminism, a bit of serious marijuana issues, and some fun cannabis events into one pot publication. Its name may be a coincidental pun on THC, but it really is run by twelve women whose opinions are as diverse as their personalities. Each chick specializes in one aspect of weed culture, and together, these twelve high chicks cover a wide range subject matter.


Cannabis Culture

Cannabis Culture is an activist magazine that, since its founding in 1994, has been fighting to liberate marijuana from its criminal status and stigma. Now that the tides are turning toward the herb’s acceptance, Cannabis Culture continues to update readers, slowly shifting into positive and inspiring stories of marijuana users and their success at living a healthy life.


Ganja Goddess Getaway

Founded by cannabis expert Deidra Bagdasarian, aka Miss Bliss, GGG or the Ganja Goddess Getaway is a cannabis retreat for women. The GGG hosts various events throughout California, from the Bay area to the Coachella Valley. The events promote creativity and spiritual connection to women’s inner goddess using cannabis as a therapeutic tool. Retreat activities include educational workshops, belly dancing, yoga classes, swimming, arts and crafts, massage, hypnosis and more.


Educational Blogs



MedSignals is a resource dedicated to finding facts about herbal medicine, CBD and other products. Their goal is to help MMJ patients and people looking for alternative treatments to improve their quality of life. You can start your journey by exploring their popular articles here.




Learn everything about marijuana through this informative website. Hempland brings you the latest news about cannabis and takes you back to its rich history in the United States. Medical marijuana has been legalized in 33 states; recreational marijuana, in 10 states. Know where cannabis has been legalized in the US through updated news from this cannabis website.

Aside from current events regarding marijuana, Hempland also offers a comprehensive blog section that boasts a variety of interesting articles about anything cannabis, including its benefits, the basics of growing marijuana, and tips for growers and users alike.


Medical Marijuana Recs NY

Medical Marijuana Recs NY

Medical marijuana certification has never been this easy to attain with the help of telemedicine. Medical Marijuana Recs NY helps patients to get certified for medical marijuana use with less hassle. If you live anywhere in New York State, you can be assisted by a competent team of medical practitioners who are experts on acquiring cannabis certifications.

Browse through the site, and learn more about the process, from new patient recommendations, to follow-ups, to recertification of existing patients, and even to recertification for new patients.




Supporting the rights of adults to responsibly use medical and recreational cannabis, NORML educates its followers about the benefits of cannabis through this eye-opening, informative website. The page is updated with current events regarding cannabis worldwide, especially in the United States.

Aside from this, NORML boasts a blog page that contains a wide variety of articles related to marijuana, including its pros and cons as well as the various effects of its strains. As an organization, NORML believes that consumers should be able to acquire cannabis and use it safely and securely anywhere in the country.


Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Medical Marijuana Program Connection

Everything you need to learn about cannabis is here. In Medical Marijuana Program Connection, readers will be informed of the latest news about marijuana, including its legalization status in different parts of the country, as well as essential articles that spark interest among cannabis users and enthusiasts.

The website also has a head shop page, where it posts products from only the country's best-priced, top-quality cannabis suppliers. Medical Marijuana Program Connection is every cannabis user’s go-to place online.


Top Grows

Top Grows

Top Grows is the place to go to if you are looking for unbiased reviews on the best tools for hydroponic cultivation. There is a science and art to growing cannabis, and you need only the most effective tools to make sure it works for you.

In Top Grows, readers can find reviews on the top hydroponic kits, cabinets, tents, and LED grow lights that are a huge help to cannabis growers and suppliers. These recommendations help anyone to choose only the best-quality tools and equipment before purchasing a product.


Growing Weed Indoors

Growing Weed Indoors

A top marijuana blog, Growing Weed Indoors educates visitors about how to grow marijuana in the comfort of their own home. Filled with informative blog posts and relevant news articles, Growing Weed Indoors is the ultimate guide for growers and users alike.

If you’re not much of a reader, you can still learn a thing or two about marijuana planting through the comprehensive array of video tutorials provided in the site. Learn more about the various cannabis seeds, soil mix, and lights through this excellent online guide.


Otherside Farms

Otherside Farms provides everything you need to know about medical marijuana, from its different types to the various benefits that it offers medically. The blog aims to educate and raise awareness on all things marijuana, including how to grow their own medical marijuana instead of relying on dispensaries. This cannabis blog shares information about health, history, activism, and the law.


TGA Subcool Seeds

TGA Genetics carries useful information about cannabis, including a list of locations one can acquire them. Throughout the website's different sections, TGA Genetics focuses on the genetics of the seeds, jam-packing the site with relevant information and a useful strain guide to help consumers. The TGA Genetics News section tells readers what’s new in marijuana seed breeding and marijuana strains.


Medicinal Marijuana Association

The website is a great resource of information regarding medical marijuana. With the mission to promote the use of medical marijuana, the Medicinal Marijuana Association educates the public about the many benefits of this drug. Check out the Blog section for more information on how marijuana can affect one's health in many ways.



LIWTS, which stands for “Legalize It. We Think So.”, is an organization that supports the legalization of marijuana for both medical and recreational purposes. With this, the LIWTS provides essential information about cannabis. Aside from educational material on cannabis strains, the site also keeps readers up to date through news articles and interesting research about marijuana. helps readers to be aware of how easy it is to grow and harvest weed, unlike most online how-to articles that make it seem otherwise. It provides step-by-step guides in growing marijuana that even the first timers can easily understand. The website also tackles relevant topics and issues relating to cannabis growing to ensure that problems can be prevented.


Big Buds

Created by growers for growers, the Big Buds website aims to guide cannabis growers in their career. Packed with an extensive array of informational articles about marijuana growing, Big Buds is every grower’s ideal resource. Site visitors will be delighted by the vast information they will be acquiring from this online cannabis grower magazine.


I Love Growing Marijuana

ILove Growing Marijuana is a vast resource for marijuana growers, who aim to improve in their field. From beginner’s guide to the various methods of plantgrowing, such as indoor, outdoor, and hydroponics, growing marijuana has never been easier and more comprehensible. The website also features a Blog section which growers can find relevant and interesting.


Medical Marijuana 411

Medical Marijuana 411 publishes patient-centric information and covers multiple angles related to medical marijuana, including the physical, psychiatric, and neurological aspects of the substance. The site is a community effort from advocates, patients, researchers, and believers in the healing qualities of cannabis.

Besides being an online resource for every medical cannabis-related discovery and breakthrough, Medical Marijuana 411 also provides visitors with an online educational platform for learning more about medical marijuana.


Overtoke TV

A general blog focusing on cannabis culture, Overtoke TV shares snippets of marijuana-related stories from other sites. Essentially, Overtoke takes all the fluff away and delivers the meat of the news. The site does cite sources so that visitors can read the rest of the stories in their original publications.

Overtoke posts news daily, usually starting with a comedic video about marijuana to keep the mood high. Then the snippets come in a column-style series for easy reading.


News Munchies

Ted Corless helms the News Munchies, a blog on everything cannabis. Updates on medical marijuana, the politics and the legislation debates, the weed culture in general—you name it, Ted covers everything and makes insightful commentaries on selected stories. His news delivery alternates between detailed blog posts and thirty-second videos of him flash reporting quick updates from the cannabis industry.


Cannabis Cures

A personal blog run by an advocate for marijuana’s healing properties, Cannabis Cures publishes articles on the curative benefits of medical marijuana. It also guides readers on how to properly use the herb and tips them on the safest and cheapest products to use. Some topics covered are especially helpful for new users.


CannaBusiness Advisory

The cannabis industry is a budding market, and many enterprising individuals seek opportunities to profit from it. The CannaBusiness Advisory helps entrepreneurs and those wanting to invest and operate in the marijuana market by sharing legal and business advice about the industry. The site is run by Burns & Levinson, one of America’s first law firms with a practice dedicated to cannabis-related cases; thus, the Advisory’s contents are all based on expert knowledge and experience


Start Your Collective

A business consultancy based in California, Start Your Collective helps people launch their own cannabis enterprise—whether they’re for cultivating, dispensing, delivering, or distributing the herb and its seeds.

Marijuana laws can be tricky, especially today, when policies are regularly being reviewed in line with the nationwide trend of cannabis acceptance. Permits, processes, and registrations can be complicated; thus, Start Your Collective makes it its goal to aid entrepreneurs enter the medical and recreational marijuana market legally and hassle-free.


Red Eye Chronicle

Red Eye Chronicle is both a news site and an educational blog for cannabis enthusiasts. The site covers topics such as marijuana cultivation, the current state of its legalization, and the science behind the herb to name a few. Their portfolio even includes guides for common problems a user may encounter, like how to pass a drug test or how long a high lasts.

Before today’s trend of cannabis acceptance, there were only a handful of reliable sources about the health benefits of marijuana. Most were publishing about the drug and its culture and not the medicinal aspect of cannabis. rose during that time to focus on serving patients and users with dependable information about medical marijuana.

The is a part of the US Marijuana Party platform, a bastion and hub for cannabis activists, with the former being centered on the state of Kentucky. The site features articles and news about the legalization of marijuana. It also has an archive for all Kentucky laws and acts as well as historical documents related to cannabis.


Green Relief Inc.

Green Relief Inc. believes in providing a compassionate and timely service to medical marijuana patients, especially those needing help in managing autism, cancer, and pain. To that end, Green Relief Inc. goes the extra mile to deliver exceptional, quality cannabis directly to its customer’s door, serving both south and north Orange County, California. That is how much it cares.


Ezra Parzybok

A longtime teacher of arts, science, and humanities, Ezra Parzybok works as a medical marijuana consultant, teaching people the proper use and cultivation of the healing herb. He believes that, by educating enthusiasts and users on marijuana, its industry and culture will shed its stigma associated with its status as a drug.

Since he started his consultancy, Ezra has been featured in several public speaking engagements and media interviews, and he has helped many people become more enlightened on the benefits of marijuana.


420 InSight

Clarity, transparency, and the right to live with dignity and quality of life—those are what 420 InSight stands for and what it believes everyone should have. Thus, its team makes it its mission to provide the world with accurate and relevant information related to cannabis both medical and recreational. The editorial team carefully reviews articles so that every article is filled with genuine educational content



Perhaps the world’s largest cannabis information resource, Leafly boasts a huge list of educational material, delivers marijuana-related news by the minute, and even provides a dispensary locator for those wishing to buy. On top of all that, Leafly also sells cannabis and cannabis products so that visitors won’t have to search for a different store to find what they need.



Growing marijuana can be tough, especially for those new to it. The herb isn’t impervious to plant diseases, and what may seem like small spots on a leaf may be a symptom of a serious disorder, which can affect the quality of the yield. CANNAFIX aids enthusiasts with advice on cannabis plant care, fixing every weed gardener’s problems so that their plants will remain healthy and reach maturity without any issue.


Key to Cannabis

This website aims to unlock the potential of cannabis as a natural remedy and spread awareness of its medical benefits for the public. To that end, it tests and provides independent reviews for people to find the best CBD products.

Drug testing is a major concern for users, and the website offers information on how to pass urine, hair, or saliva drug tests, including products that will help them test clear and negative. Key to Cannabis has tested and approved these products for use.

For those new to CBD, THC, cannabis oil, hemp oil, etc., the website comes up with a help guide where you can find frequently asked questions about cannabis’s medicinal value, suitability, consumption, and legal status. By putting forward relevant information and resources, Key to Cannabis hopes to break the stereotype of a “lazy stoner” with more people coming out to talk about their positive experience using cannabis.


The 420 Times

When it comes to finding legit and reliable information on marijuana, The 420 Times is a website you can rely on. The blog also extensively covers the most pressing news about different cannabis laws in all the states of America to help readers keep abreast of any additions or changes. They also post tutorials, reviews, and more pertinent information regarding marijuana and other drugs.


Dispensary Blogs


Royal Seed Bank

Royal Seed Bank

As the number of states that support the legalization of marijuana is growing, the need for accurate and unbiased information on cannabis becomes more important. Whether you’re a curious connoisseur of cannabis or a budtender in the making, Royal Seed Bank’s blog will help you grow and take care of marijuana plants. Some topics you can read about here are the different weed strains, the methods of feminizing cannabis seeds, and even the use of organic pesticides.


The Novel Tree

The Novel Tree

Novel Tree is an award-winning recreational cannabis dispensary and the only medically licensed one in Bellevue, Washington. Its online store features a user-friendly interface that boasts a wide variety of premium cannabis products, including buds, topicals, concentrates, edibles, and a whole lot more. The Novel Tree’s attention to detail in its craft is what keeps its visitors keep coming back for more.

Visitors can also be up-to-date with the most relevant news about cannabis in the country through The Novel Tree Blog, which contains a myriad of informative articles and announcements on the latest cannabis-related events.


Fweedom Cannabis

Starting as a clothing company using hemp alternatives, Fweedom has since evolved into a medical marijuana collective, eventually becoming Washington’s Preferred Recreational Cannabis Retailer. The Freedom Cannabis blog provides many interesting articles about cannabis trends and relevant news about the brand and the future of marijuana as a medical treatment.



GroundSwell Cannabis Boutique is a medical and recreational marijuana dispensary that provides a unique and welcoming experience to its customers while maintaining their privacy. The GroundSwell website educates potential patients to the experience they will be getting and the wide range of quality products and strains that are made available for them.


Silver Stem

Silver Stem provides customers with the best strains of medical marijuana at the most reasonable price. The website features an efficient strain guide that helps consumers from beginner to enthusiast to choose the best cannabis type for their preference and condition. Meanwhile, the Silver Stem blog is an essential source of news and trends about anything cannabis.


Octavia Wellness

To find a non-psychoactive cannabis product that could help with her mother’s dementia, Carrie Tice started Octavia Wellness. The company provides a senior-focused consulting service that works on specific needs of clients seeking alternative healing options. Octavia Wellness offers safe, reliable and legal cannabis products, and home delivery service.


Centennial Seeds

Centennial Seeds was founded with the aim to produce and develophigh qualitymarijuana seeds for medical gardeners in Colorado. The website features the amazing supply of distinct genetic lines and seed varieties available for consumers and growers. It also provides informational articles about the different types of cannabis hybrids and their availability in the dispensary.


Cannabis Basics

Cannabis Basics, Seattle’s own since 1995 offers organic hempseed oil, premium cannabis flower health and beauty aids produced with the highest quality ingredients. As an award-winning manufacturer of cannabis topicals, Cannabis Basics was the first cannabis company to be issued a trademark registration with a cannabis leaf and the “cannabis” word in its logo in 2015.


Canna Saver

Canna Saver is a trusted source of medical marijuana deals and coupons, providing a list of top cannabis retailers in specific areas. Not only does the site offer great deals and savings, it also features an informative Blog section, where useful articles and news on cannabis and its dispensaries can be found.



Green-Theory leads in the distribution of high standard cannabis in the Washington state area. The pot shop provides products that are all Washington grown and tested and certified by licensed laboratories in Washington. Cannabis users can also have a look at the Green-Theory Blog section, where they can find out interesting facts and trends about marijuana.



Emblem is composed of a team of passionate cannabis growers. With the aim to holistically attain a sense ofwellbeingthrough nature, Emblemgrows,breeds, and harvests cannabis strains to reap their true medicinal benefits. With the Emblem Blog, readers will be further educated with posts and articles regarding cannabis, from its effects on health to fun recipes and accessories to try.


Sticky Guide

Sticky Guide provides valuable medical cannabis reviews and ratings that consumers will find useful. Aside from enumerating a list of trusted marijuana dispensaries in the area, Sticky Guide collects fresh reviews of dispensary products rated by cannabis users. Meanwhile, the Blog section features a comprehensive list of marijuana-related articles, events, and easy-to-follow recipes.


Honest Marijuana

Honest Marijuana aims to bring only the purest marijuana experience to consumers all over the globe. Honest Marijuana pioneers in marijuana preservation and innovative consumption with world-class quality growing approaches. With the comprehensive blog section, Honest Marijuana provides readers with definitive guides to cannabis strains, oils, and other related topics that will surely pique one’s interest.



LiveGreen is one of Colorado’s pioneering marijuana dispensaries since 2009. The store is dedicated to cultivate quality products and provide a positive cannabis experience for consumers. Inside the user-friendly LiveGreen site is its Blog section, where readers are immersed inthough-provokingarticles and stimulating blog posts related to anything cannabis.



SpeedWeed is a well-known medical cannabis delivery service provider in California—best known for their overnight delivery service statewide and on-demand delivery option in select cities. Aside from the range of products they offer in the website, SpeedWeed also educates consumers with helpful reviews from users, as well as relevant news articles about cannabis in the country.



AllBud is a great resource for all things cannabis. With a comprehensive directory of nearby dispensaries and a glossary of different strains for every preference, consumers will find this site a valuable source of information. Moreover, the website has a News section where readers can learn more about cannabis, its effect on health, and its acceptance throughout the country.


Green Man Cannabis

A well known Colorado dispensary that offers high-quality products, Green Man Cannabis strives to bring a comfortable experience to every marijuana consumer. Being a firm believer in the benefits of medical marijuana, Green Man Cannabis shares reliable information on trends, events, and updates on cannabis to raise awareness. Site visitors will also be entertained by interesting stories that can be found on its blog.



AZMarijuana is Arizona’s number one marijuana industry website, giving access to trusted dispensaries in the area and qualified medical marijuana doctors. The website is a great source of the latest news and events related to marijuana in the state, focusing more on advancements in marijuana laws in Arizona.


Canna Care Docs

Compassionate. Compliant. Confidential. These are the words that Canna Care Docs lives by. Being an online directory of cannabis dispensaries across the country, Canna Care Docs raises awareness on the medical benefits of marijuana. Through its official blog, consumers can unearth useful information pertaining to marijuana and its strains.


Good Chemistry

Good Chemistry is dedicated toprovideonly the finest cannabis toconsumer, with pure love and exceptional skill as their assets. With a qualified Good Chemistry Nursery team in operations, the company has been considered as one of the best in the world. Site visitors can fullyimmersein the craft by visiting the News and Events section, where the latest news, events, and blog content can be found.


Original Seeds Store

Original Seeds Store is a well-known source of top-notch cannabis seeds that belong to a hybrid ground-breaking generation. The company prides in utilizing the hydroponic method of plant cultivation, which essentially improves the quality of their products and the effectiveness of their equipment. This is evident in the list of cannabis strains and types shown on their website.


Medical Marijuana, Inc.

Medical Marijuana, Inc., takes pride in being the pioneer in providingcannabis cannabisto different parts of the world. While site visitors can browse through their wide-ranging product listing, they can also stay informed by browsing through the website’s News and Education sections, where current information about marijuana can be found.



In search of a wide selection of seeds, CBD oils, and other cannabis products? Look no further than Zamnesia. The website offers various marijuana products through Zamnesia’s shops, which provide seeds, vapors, CBDs, and shrooms. It also features interesting articles related to cannabis in the Blog section, where readers can discover fun recipes, growing tips, fun stories, and many more.


Evergreen Market

Educate, celebrate, elevate—these are the three core values of the Evergreen Market, a premier retailer of cannabis in the Washington state. The company believes that, through those three tenets, the cannabis industry will grow and gain acceptance not just in the eyes of the law, but also in society. In this regard, the Evergreen Market maintains an environment that fosters learning, exploration, and joy and one that is friendly to both neophytes and enthusiasts.



Leafbuyer is currently one of the industry’s fastest-growing sites. It’s been called the Priceline of Pot by The Street and “an industry game changer” by NBC News.

Mainly a dispensary database, Leafbuyer gives visitors a quick way to locate their nearest marijuana dispensaries and stores. Aside from that, the site sells various cannabis-based products and paraphernalia, including THC and non-THC items, and it also publishes news and educational articles about the drug


Bloom Room

Bloom Room sells the finest medical-grade cannabis in San Francisco. While mainly a dispensary, Bloom Room is also a collective that’s quite active in the community, inviting members to monthly volunteer services and offering them free services like massages, cannabis workshops, and product demonstrations. Bloom Room even allows legally qualified cultivators to vend in their dispensary.


Dr. Jolly’s

Two brothers, Doctor and Jolly, run Dr. Jolly’s, Oregon’s first state-licensed cannabis dispensary. And they live up to that honor with their line of high-quality, laboratory-tested cannabis locally grown in a clean, compassionate, and professional environment. Dr. Jolly’s also offers consultation, education, and resource services to their consumers.



As the number of states legalizing marijuana (whether for medicinal or recreational purposes) is increasing, one can only surmise that the attitude toward marijuana use is changing with the times. Central to that shift in perspective is being well-informed on the various facets of marijuana use and the cannabis industry.

PotGuide aims to provide a comprehensive resource that guides readers on cannabis-related news and events, legal information related to marijuana, and lists of dispensaries and pot-friendly travel options. Readers will certainly appreciate being armed with the knowledge that is critical to responsible weed use.


Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds

Growers Choice Cannabis Seeds is a California-based dispensary that delivers premium-quality cannabis seeds to anywhere in the world. With its motto “We grow better,” Growers Choice boasts a 90 percent germination rate on their seeds, and for those rare ones that do not sprout, it offers a no-charge replacement. Its service doesn’t end on the delivery, however, as Growers Choice provides its customers with an open support line for questions and concerns on cannabis care or on its products.


Cannabis Shops



Boveda, a staple in many dispensaries, invented the world’s first 2-way humidity control for moisture-sensitive products, like cannabis and cigars. The shop offers ready-to-use packets to store cannabis for longer periods. With the Boveda products, every smoker can keep his cannabis investment safe and in the best condition ever.


Smokazon Blog

Smokazon is dedicated to giving consumers access to quality smoking accessories and gear. With the Smokazon Blog, consumers will find a myriad of the best smoking gear and cannabis accessories they can find on the web. From pen vaporizers to weed grinders, the Smokazon Blog is ready to educate readers on which accessories to use best and how to properly use them.


The Smokers Club

With the philosophy of “smoke weed everyday,” The Smokers Club grew intoan eventsand apparel cannabis club that promotes good weed and cannabis legalization in the country. With their goal to unite the stoner community, The Smokers Club raises awareness on cannabis through relevant news articles and blog posts found in the News section of their website.



Tagged as the world’s best online headshop, GrassCity does not fail to impress consumers with its vast selection of cannabis accessories. Marijuana users will enjoy browsing through its list of products, which range from bongs andwaterpipes, vaporizers, glass pipes, rolling papers, andmanymore. The site also features Forums and Magazine sections that will bring more insight to cannabis usage.  


Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co.

While it’s widely known that cannabis can be eaten as an alternative to smoking it, most of those who bake it do not have a standard recipe to follow. Lady Jane Gourmet Seed Co. fills that emptiness with their shop of healthy hemp food choices. The online store also has recipes and guides to hemp nutrition accessible for free! Hemp protein brownies, anyone?


White Rabbit Cannabis

Hopping from the city of Lynnwood, Washington, White Rabbit Cannabis supplies its residents with the state’s best brand of medical and recreational marijuana. White Rabbit grows its cannabis with patient love, forgoing harmful pesticides to ensure its customers get a natural and clean high from its harvest. White Rabbit meticulously cares for the quality of its cannabis because it genuinely cares for its customers and their health and happiness.

An online shop from the United Kingdom, purveys cannabis-related paraphernalia and products to people around the world. Items like bongs, vaporizers, pipes, and even seeds are available in the head shop—all of which are made of high-quality materials with some having funky designs. The site also has an active blog that publishes news and updates on the marijuana industry and its culture at large.


Cannabis Edibles


Sous Weed

Cooking with cannabis herb as a key ingredient is one of the hottest trends for passionate foodies and connoisseurs of cannabis-infused edibles. And at the forefront of this gourmet movement is Sous Weed, a culinary company offering a collection of sous vide weed recipes for gourmet cannabis meals - taking the cannabis culture to the next level. Based in San Francisco, the team’s catering services for private events or pop-up dinners are truly impressive showing artistry and versatility of cooking with cannabis.


The Ganja Kitchen Revolution

The Ganja Kitchen Revolution is dedicated to stylish medicated dishes for Medical Cannabis patients. The Ganja Kitchen Revolution is run by Cannabis edibles expert, food writer, and SKUNK Magazine food columnist, Jessica Catalona. She also authored a recipe book titled The Ganja Kitchen Revolution: The Bible of Cannabis Cuisine. Ms. Catalona has been called the “OG Cannabis Chef” because of her impressive working experience in the cannabis and restaurant industry.


Edibles Magazine

Driven by their commitment to help cannabis patients find smoke-free alternatives, Edibles Magazine is a one-stop shop for all things related to the cannabis industry from credible news to comprehensive directories of reliable vendors and dispensaries. Whether you are looking for your favorite edibles or hungry for the newest trends in consumable cannabis products, this site will give you information you need at the click of a button.


Wake and Bake

Wake and Bake is an inspiring combination of cannabis science, transformation, wellness and food, the main passions of Functional Cannabis Coach, Author and Functional Cannabis Coaching Institute Founder Corinne. In this comprehensive blog, Corinne also shares her personal journey of healing while guiding readers in their own quest to find balance in their own bodies and lives.


Cannabis Cheri

In her inspiring blog, Cheri Siscard sheds light on marijuana using the unique lens of her experiences as a recipe developer, food writer and culinary enthusiast. Guided by her philosophy that cannabis edibles shouldn’t be boring or bad-tasting, Cannabsi Cheri is a potluck of recipes, health and lifestyle tips, and the latest cannabis news. This is your guide to experiencing cannabis in the most rewarding and delicious way.


Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook

Cannabis Kitchen Cookbook is the ultimate guide to healthy cannabis cuisine. Featuring full colored photos, this informative cookbook will help you harness the power of marijuana through secrets and recipes from top chefs and growers across the United States. You’ll also find important information on how to grow, process and select cultivars as well as how to venture into the burgeoning industry.


My Stoned Kitchen

My Stoned Kitchen is the exciting blog of cannabis enthusiasts Aaron and Mandy who are not only passionate about marijuana but also the philosophy that it should only be enjoyed with wholesome and natural ingredients. From delicious cannabis recipes to informative health tips to the latest news, this site offers an insider’s look into the wonderful world of weed.


Marijuana Recipes

Marijuana Recipes shows you that the culinary possibilities of cannabis are as exciting as its medical potential. This handy blog brings together a wide range of recipes, videos and news that will tickle any tastebud. From quick bites that you can whip up in minutes to complex cuisines that will wow guests at your next house party, there’s something for every cannabis lover in this website.


Mary J. White

Mary J. White grew up in a family that celebrated food and the labor of love that went into producing it. She combines her passion for food and her interest in marijuana in her namesake blog were she brings together a collection of mouthwatering recipes as well as cooking with cannabis classes. This blog will let you start discovering the wonders of weed, one bite at at time.


Flourish Cannabis

A trailblazer in the edibles market, Flourish Cannabis is both the blog and the brand of acclaimed chef Payton Curry who decided to combine his culinary knowhow with the marvels of marijuana. In this website you will not only find delicious recipes but also the latest industry updates and cannabis-related events. All of these information are branded with the distinctive Flourish Cannabis stamp of approval.



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