Using Baking Soda to Pass a Drug Test


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Using Baking Soda to Pass a Drug Test

Definition of Baking Soda

A white crystalline compound, NaHCO3, with a slightly alkaline taste, used in making effervescent salts and beverages, artificial mineral water, pharmaceuticals, and fire extinguishers. Also called bicarbonate of soda, sodium bicarbonate.

Question:  How to use Baking Soda to Pass a Drug Test?  

Alternative Question:  How to Pass a Drug Test with Baking Soda?



Testclear has been in the business helping people pass drug test.   The seven years that we have been in business we have seen it all, and heard it all.  One of the questions that come up quite frequent is:  How to use Baking Soda to Pass a Drug Test?   In this article we will look at why people think that Baking Soda might help in passing a drug test.


 Baking Soda is a natural chemical that is usually found lake beds, mineral deposits, and ground water.  Nearly all Baking Soda comes from a the mined mineral trona in the area of Green River,  Wyoming.   Trona is crystalline deposits formed from a brine composition in the depths of prehistoric lakes as the lake evaporated. Trona is also known as Soda Ash (sodium carbonate Na2CO3). Soda Ash is used in the production of glass products as well as baking soda, laundry detergent, and additives to cow feed and kitty litter. All Arm & Hammer baking soda comes from the soda ash produced in Green River. Green River, Wyoming has five Trona Mines. Trona is deep mined compared to open pit procedure.  Since mining is a very hazardous occupation insurance companies require the miners that mind for Baking Soda to be take a drug test.   If you wish you the test effectiveness of using Baking Soda to help you pass a drug test there is drug testing facility in Green River, Wyoming which can be found here.

Another place where Baking Soda is manufactured is in the human body. It helps in maintaining the correct level of acidity in the body.  The notion that Baking Soda can help a person pass a drug test most likely came from the amazing cleansing properties found in baking soda.  People thought by either adding it to the drug test sample or taking baking soda orally that a person would be clean of any toxins.   In fact, the largest baking soda company in the world, Arm & Hammer, performs pre-employment and random drug testing on its employees. .  Common sense would tell you that if baking soda was really that effective to pass a drug test then the largest producer of baking soda would have no need to drug test because their employees would simply use baking soda to pass a drug test. 

In the book, "Baking Soda : Over 500 Fabulous, Fun, and Frugal Uses You've Probably Never Thought Of" by Vicki Lansky she mentions nothing about using Baking Soda to pass a drug test.  The point that I am trying to make is if using Baking Soda to Pass a Drug Test was true she would have mentioned it in her book.  There is not scientific evidence in the medical community that suggestions that Baking Soda is an effective means for passing a drug test.




Our company, Testclear, takes the time to research common myths about passing a drug test.   We give you objective and thoughtful information pertaining to the most common drug testing myths.  It is our conclusion that Baking Soda is NOT an effective means to pass a drug test.   If you have any question about how you can effectively pass a drug test.  Give Testclear a call at:          1-866-837-8253 to speak with a Drug Testing Advisor.



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