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Using a Home Remedy to Pass a Drug Test


Definition of Home Remedy

Something that you can do at home that relieves pain, cures disease, or corrects a disorder.

Question:  How to use a Home Remedy to help you pass a Drug Test?


Testclear has been a leader in protecting your privacy for almost a decade.  We believe that drug testing is inherently flawed as it is focused on drug usage rather that drug impairment.  No sound person wants to work with a person that is intoxicated whether it is on alcohol, prescription drugs, or recreational drugs.  Since marijuana (THC) is stored in your fatty cells marijuana can be tested for an average of 30 days.  Heavy usage can make a person test positive for 90 days.  


Using a home remedy, home remedies, or homemade ways to pass a drug test has always been popular.  Home remedies became popular in colonial times to treat a wide variety of medical conditions.   Some recommended reading can be found at http://www.history.org under the title Colonial Home Remedies.  It is important to note that home remedies have largely failed in regards to passing a drug test.  This is because, unlike traditional home remedies, you are not treating a medical condition but rather you are trying to beat a medial test.  Some of the things that people have done at home is:   water, cranberry juice, vinegar, pickle juice and list of household items goes on and on.    Some of the these techniques might have worked in the 1980s but in this day and age with very advanced drug testing methods, we can honestly say that using any kind of home remedy is usually wishful thinking on the part of the person trying to pass a drug test.   What usually makes a person resort to attempting to use home remedies to pass a drug test is the cost of an effective product and not having enough time to get clean on their own.   


If you insist on using a home remedy to pass a drug test we would recommend that you just lay off the required number to test clean and just pass on your own.  If you would to get a good idea on how long it would take for your to test negative please call one of Drug Testing Advisors toll-free at 1-866-837-8253.    Each person and each situation is different so getting the facts from one of our experts would be the first step in passing a drug test.  Again, we do not recommend home remedies to pass a drug test.  We recommend using common sense.


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