Detecting Fake Pee: Can a Lab Tell If It's Synthetic Urine?

PUBLISHED: Wednesday, February 7, 2024 by Dr. Ronald F. Young

Many employers and organizations require their employees to submit random drug tests or pass a urine test before their employment contract begins. For individuals using recreational drugs like marijuana, this can pose a threat to job security and safety as they may not be able to pass at any given time. For urgent scenarios, many people opt to buy and use synthetic urine to pass a drug test.

Synthetic urine helps conceal toxic substances in your system when taking a pee test.  However, it's crucial to note that as testing methods advance, labs and technicians become more adept at detecting fake urine.

What Is Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine (also known as fake pee) is a liquid substance that attempts to replicate real human urine to be used for passing drug tests. Because many companies and organizations participate in workplace drug testing, employees who use drugs (including marijuana) have to either buy fake urine to submit for their drug test or run the risk of losing their jobs. 


Synthetic urine contains all the same substances as human urine and matches the color, pH level, and smell of real urine. 

Ingredients Used in Synthetic Urine

Within synthetic urine, you can expect to see the following ingredients to mimic a real urine sample successfully. 

  • Creatinine

  • Uric acid

  • Yellow coloring

  • Urea

  • Water

  • pH Balance

Risks of Using Synthetic Urine

As technology advances, more and more labs detect synthetic urine using a few methods. Some labs will shake the suspected synthetic urine samples to see if bubbles appear. If the urine sample bubbles, it is usually determined to be real because of the protein in the liquid. 

Additionally, new technology can detect compounds in synthetic urine that aren’t present in real urine, making it easy to determine which urine samples are real and which are fake. Most modern labs can determine if the urine is fake by testing the temperature of the sample.

The technology behind drug tests has made it much more difficult to get away with using fake urine. It’s high risk because you can’t know for sure what types of testing methods the lab performing the drug test will use.

Tampering with urine samples or submitting fake urine and getting caught can have detrimental impacts on your personal and professional life. Some people are immediately terminated from their positions or fail to get the job offer they thought they had secured.

Patients in treatment who use fake urine may not be prescribed narcotics if they are caught using synthetic urine or otherwise tampering with their pee. For individuals on probation or in legal battles, submitting fake urine samples can result in jail time, losing custody of their children, and other troubles.

Alternatives to Synthetic Urine for a Drug Test

Fortunately, there are advanced drug-passing products that can yield the results you need without any of the significant risks. Powdered urine kits are the future of urine drug testing for a few reasons. They’re effective in unsupervised drug testing scenarios where you have a few minutes of privacy to pee in a cup.

How is powdered urine different from synthetic urine brands?

During a urine drug screen, synthetic urine usually contains compounds that can be flagged as fake. Dehydrated, real powdered urine is 100% drug-free and contains the identical ingredients used to calibrate drug-testing machines for urine.

The product has to be snuck into the testing facility under your clothes and it must be mixed with warm water to work properly. Using
powdered urine instead of synthetic urine is the best choice to secure a job offer or to pass random drug screenings by your employer successfully.

Benefits of Using Real Powdered Urine

Here are the primary benefits of using real, powdered urine during drug testing.

Avoid Risking Your Career

If you use synthetic urine for a drug test and the lab flags it as fake, your job will most likely be terminated, or you won’t get the job offer you were hoping for. This can be devastating and career-ending. 

Urine Simulation with Powdered Urine Kit by TestClear

Only Drug-Free Option

Unlike synthetic urine, real powdered urine is made without any drugs or compounds that can be detected in a drug test. If mixed correctly, it’s the only product that can guarantee a passed drug test. 

Pass Your Next Urine Test with Flying Colors

At Testclear, we’re committed to providing high-quality testing solutions that help people pass their drug tests worldwide. While synthetic urine may seem like a good idea, we highly recommend trusting the advancements in technology and opting for a powdered urine kit instead. 

If your drug test is supervised, Testclear offers various detox cleansing kits including 1-day, 5-day, and 10-day options. Browse our products today and find the best-suited options for any drug testing scenario. We’re here to help!