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Does Amazon Drug Test

PUBLISHED: Friday, April 24, 2020

Seattle-based Amazon.com Inc. caters to everyone. It has online and physical stores for customers, Amazon Web Services for developers and entrepreneurs, as well as programs for sellers to sell their products and content creators to publish and sell content.  As of the end of 2019, Amazon has 798,000 full-time and part-time employees. 

In March, Amazon announced its hiring of 100,000 people in light of the coronavirus pandemic. These positions have been filled, but it has another batch of 75,000 jobs up for grabs as of April.  

Although Amazon has a virtual interview process while the pandemic rages on, you may need to be aware of and prepare yourself for assessments before and after hiring.

Does Amazon Drug-Test Employees?

Amazon’s Code of Business Conduct and Ethics requires its employees to report to work in a condition that they can perform their duties free from the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol. 

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Those applying as warehouse associates are required to attend a hiring event, take a drug test, and watch a presentation, among other things. If the results of the mouth-swab drug test and background check turn out satisfactory, successful applicants will be notified of their start date via email.

Random Drug Testing

The company is known to conduct random drug testing among its employees.  There has been controversy over this policy, such as one lawsuit involving a former employee with a medical marijuana prescription.

The Answer 

Amazon has drug testing covered in its employment policies, and the implications of testing positive in the drug test may mean termination and not getting hired.