Does AutoZone Drug Test

PUBLISHED: Thursday, July 28, 2022

AutoZone Inc. is engaged in the sale and distribution of automotive replacement parts, maintenance items, and other products and is based in Memphis, Tennessee. The company currently has 5,815 stores located in the US, 608 stores in Mexico, and 38 stores in Brazil. Aside from physical stores, AutoZone maintains e-commerce websites, and (for commercial customers). 

There are over 85,000 AutoZoners (as the company refers to its employees) in four continents. One noted benefit of being an AutoZoner is getting a 20 percent discount on AutoZone merchandise. You can check other employee benefits and find jobs on the company’s careers page. 

Speaking of application, read on what drug tests to expect, if any, to get in the zone.

Does Autozone Drug-Test Employees?

According to its Code of Business Conduct, the company aims for a workplace free from substance abuse. AutoZone believes that clear judgment and alertness are required to ensure a safe and productive workplace and that drugs and alcohol can impair these two things. 

To that end, Autozoners are not allowed to “possess, use, distribute, sell, offer, or be under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other intoxicating or mind-altering substances (including prescribed drugs) that impair our ability to work safely.” The rule applies to all employees, whether they are working on or off company premises or driving using an AutoZone vehicle or their own while on a company-related business.

Preemployment Drug Testing

AutoZone may require applicants to undergo drug testing based on the applied position, such as a delivery driver.  The requirement may also vary by location or store. 

Drug Testing during Employment

It is generally believed that the company conducts drug tests on its employees. Some recount getting drug tested after an accident or injury while at work. Interestingly, a job listing for a distribution center human resources supervisor lists “drug testing” among the programs under the said position’s responsibilities.

The Answer

You can gather that a preemployment drug test at AutoZone depends on certain factors. However, it’s always better to prepare and pass the drug test, which can go with the background check. Ask people who have worked/are working in AutoZone about the company’s drug-testing policies. Notably, AutoZone encourages employees with a drug or alcohol problem to seek help, including under the company’s drug and alcohol rehabilitation program. 



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