Does Family Dollar Drug Test

PUBLISHED: Monday, July 27, 2020

Family Dollar Stores Inc. (the company) is a retailer of a wide assortment of products, mostly priced below $10 (although some items can be had for a dollar or less).  Its general-merchandise discount stores target the whole family with household necessities and toys and coloring books. Family Dollar is a subsidiary of Dollar Tree.  

As an essential business during this pandemic, Family Dollar stores have remained open. And per its careers page, the company is hiring nationwide for customer service representatives, warehouse associates, part-time associates, and corporate roles.

Any talk about employment leads to queries about drug-testing policies of a company, such as Family Dollar.  Read to find out more. We previously covered Dollar Tree’s drug-testing policies here.  

Does Family Dollar Drug-Test Employees?

An available copy of Family Dollar’s Code of Business Conduct dates back to 2007, and Dollar Tree’s Code of Ethics replaces it. 

According to the relevant code, Dollar Tree and its subsidiaries, including Family Dollar, are committed to (a) providing a safe workplace for their associates and (b) complying with the regulations of the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 


Preemployment Drug Testing

Family Dollar may require those who received and accepted a job offer to take and pass a drug test.  As to the time frame, the test can be done 48 hours after accepting the offer or during the interview when the offer was made.

Drug Testing during Employment

The company may also conduct random drug testing or in connection with an accident at work. 

The Answer 

Because anecdotes vary online about drug testing at Family Dollar and there’s no official company document available on the matter, you can rely on yourself to do the right thing. That is, you expect the unexpected and make sure to pass the drug test. It also helps to ask employees at your local Family Dollar about the company’s hiring process. 



Family Dollar Code of Business Conduct (old) 


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