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Does Home Depot Drug Test

PUBLISHED: Friday, April 24, 2020

The Home Depot Inc. (Home Depot) is a home-improvement retailer based in Atlanta, Georgia, the largest in the world by net sales for the fiscal year 2019. It offers an extensive selection of products for home improvement, lawn and garden, building materials, and more at its 2,291 stores in the US, Canada, and Mexico. As of February 2, 2020, the company has employed 415,700 associates, including 29,500 salaried ones.  

A 1996 article published on The Washington Post mentioned Home Depot Alexandria’s sign that read, “We test all applicants for illegal drugs.” Did the company change its stance about drug testing more than two decades later? Find out below.

Does Home Depot Drug-Test Employees?

Per its Business Code Conduct of Ethics, Home Depot states its commitment to a safe, healthy, and drug-free workplace. 

  • The company strictly prohibits the use of illegal drugs or alcohol while on the job or the company’s premises. It also forbids anyone to go to work while under the influence of either substance. 

  • The company considers the prohibition against illegal drugs or alcohol a condition of employment. An associate who is found to have violated this condition can be subject to immediate termination. 

Pre-employment Drug Testing 

A job candidate will undergo an interview and, if they pass and get an offer, will submit to a mouth-swab drug test and background check. Home Depot has a notice that says, “We test all applicants for illegal drug use.”

Drug Testing during Employment

Home Depot can require drug tests during one’s employment, like an upcoming promotion or after an incident.  One may be asked to do a urine drug test. 

The Answer

Home Depot is clear about its drug and alcohol policies.  Nevertheless, the company offers help to employees who may have alcohol or drug addiction through its CARE program. One can call the hotline 1-800-553-3504 or visit www.CARESolutionsforLife.com for assistance.