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Does UPS Drug Test

PUBLISHED: Monday, April 24, 2023 by testclear

United Parcel Service Inc.  (UPS) provides global supply-chain management solutions and package-delivery services worldwide. The Atlanta-based company delivered 5.5 billion packages in 2019 alone. Its global workforce is composed of 413,000 employees based in the US and 82,000 workers based internationally. /p>

UPS continues to provide delivery services during the current coronavirus pandemic. The company is hiring drivers and warehouse workers in some of its hubs. It also has seasonal positions you can check on its website.  

If you want to work at UPS, it’s critical to get ideas on what the company’s hiring process will look like and what’s expected of you as a job applicant.  Check out its relevant policies on alcohol and drugs. 

Does UPS Drug-Test Employees?

he Department of Transportation (DOT) and its agency, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), regulate the company’s ground operations segment in the US. UPS is bound by the agency’s regulations on safety and fitness, including drug and alcohol testing for drivers and those deemed as safety-sensitive transportation employees. 

elatedly, the company’s Alcohol and Drug Policy strictly prohibits the unauthorized use, sale, or possession of alcohol, controlled substances, and illegal drugs while at work or on the company premises or company business.

Pre-employment Drug Testing

Applicants who got an employment offer may be asked to pass a drug test before getting hired.  Do note that the pre-employment drug-testing requirements vary among package handlers, package-car drivers, feeder drivers, and so on. 

Random Drug Testing and More

The company can also carry out random drug tests. Also, it can ask employees upon reasonable suspicion or post-accident with the impairment deemed to be due to prohibited substances to test for drug use. 

Drug Testing for CDL Drivers

he DOT lists down the types and timing of drug testing for drivers with a commercial driver’s license:  

  • Pre-employment

  • Postaccident

  • Random testing 

  • Reasonable suspicion

  • Return-to-duty and follow-up 

The Answer

It’s safe to assume that UPS can compel its new hires and existing employees to undergo drug testing pursuant to its code and federal laws and regulations.