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Does Whole Foods Drug Test

PUBLISHED: Thursday, May 21, 2020

Whole Foods Market Inc. (Whole Foods or the company) is a supermarket chain that sells specialty and natural products that are free of artificial sweeteners,  hydrogenated oils, and 100+ ingredients.  A certified organic grocer by the USDA, Whole Foods is a subsidiary of Amazon.com Inc. after a $13.7 billion acquisition in 2017. Based in Austin, Texas, Whole Foods has over 500 stores in the US, Canada, and the UK.

How do you apply at Whole Foods? If you want to work as an employee or other team member and get in-store discounts, the process is straightforward and starts online. As to whether the company requires drug tests and checks, find out here. 

Does Whole Foods Drug-Test Employees?

The company tells team members to refer to its General Information Guide (GIG) regarding drug and alcohol policies. 

Pre-employment Drug Testing 

Whole Foods is known for not requiring potential employees to undergo pre-employment drug tests before hiring. However, it may not be the case with those who are applying for safety-sensitive positions, such as working with heavy machinery. 

Drug Testing during Employment 

The company may administer drug testing at random, as part of a promotion, or at any point of employment. 

The Answer

You can gather that not everyone who intends to work at Whole Foods will be tested for drug use. Still, the likelihood of a pre-employment drug test looms, so one can prepare for it. As for existing employees, drug testing can occur as the circumstances warrant. 



Whole Foods Code of Business Conduct