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    ...I just wanted to say thank you! I passed my test and I'm able to provide for my family with the best job I've ever been given the opportunity to work! It worked perfect! I actually was sent to a second testing facility which added two hours to my 'hold time' and had no temp changes! Thanks again!...
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    ...I really wish I would have found your products before I used synthetic urine and failed. =( There are so many success stories on forums and the internet from people who have succeeded by using synthetic, but I guess those days are long gone. I knew better, but didn't listen to my better judgment. My test results came back "inconclusive" when I used synthetic...
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Toxin Removal Methods for Hair

PUBLISHED: by Drug Testing Advisor

At Testclear we get a number of questions concerning how to use the Old Style Aloe Rid and Ultra Clean shampoo products.  It is possible to use the products by themselves but many of our customers use the various methods out there.  While we don't endorse any particular method over the other we think that as an informed consumer you should investigate the various methods to determine if one might be beneficial to your particular situation. It's not uncommon for customers to call us and give us good news about their results.  And in many those conversations the customer will comment that they have used one of the various methods for a successful outcome.  While we don’t know with certainty how much particular method will help we do know that it can’t hurt.

The various methods are as follows:

  1. Macujo Method

  2. Jerry G Method