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Allergy Chek

Allergy Chek

  • take samples from your home and send it to a laboratory for a color graph report

  • accredited lab results within days for for $69

  • lab report compares limits set by the American Indoor Hygiene Association  to your sample

  • whole house survey

  • detects microscopic particles you can't see including dust mites and pet dander

  • quick, safe and easy

  • vacuum cleaner with standard hose required

Product Details

Allergy Chek

Allergy Chek


  • sealed sampling unit with allergen collection device

  • consumer information handbook "A Guide to Indoor Allergies and Allergens"

  • complete and detailed instructions

  • postage-paid mailer for laboratory testing


  1. Remove the Allergy Chek sampling unit from the sealed bag - save the bag.

  2. Remove the cap from each end of the sampling unit - save the caps.

  3. Attach the sampling unit to the end of the hose on your vacuum cleaner.

  4. With the Allergy Chek sampling unit attached to the vacuum, turn on the vacuum and drag the sampling unit over the floor from corner to corner in every room. Sample all floors including carpet or other flooring. Do not sample furniture.

  5. Remove the Allergy Chek sampling unit from the vacuum hose.

  6. Put the caps back into the ends of the Allergy Chek sampling unit.

  7. Place the capped sampling unit back into the plastic bag and zip closed.

  8. Fully complete the Information Card, including your payment information.

  9. Place the bag and the Information Card into the carton which is already addressed to the laboratory and pre-posted for you.

  10. Drop the mailing carton into any outgoing mailbox.

  11. Your detailed report will be mailed within 2-3 days from when your sample reaches the laboratory.

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