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Passing Drug Tests is an informative and easy to read instructional book on how to detoxify for drug tests. This book was written with a doctor of chemistry and has accurate and intelligent knowledge throughout. The Boulder Weekly says, "Helpful for detox and hilarious during intox".

Author Kenn A Biscranium is originally from New York City and is now somewhere high in the Rocky Mountains (he is a hardcore mountain biker and bong hitter). Kenn is an avid fan of the NY Islanders and the NY Mets. Kenn currently writes a column for Skunk Magazine.

This is an exclusive notebook written by a chronic marijuana smoker who passed each and every UA while on parole. This notebook is filled with facts and empirical data on how to get clean for any random UA.

Learn how drugs are stored and metabolized in the body, how to strengthen the liver's ability to metabolize drugs, which vitamin must be taken for proper fueling of the body's detox system, how the body changes fat-soluble toxins to water-soluble toxins and how to speed up the process, which type of niacin (there are two types) to take and why. You'll also learn how to utilize clay, cayenne, saunas and bicycles.

The fact that this book was written by a chronic pot smoker who was forced to submit to 14 random drug tests due to conditions of his parole, collaborating with a doctor of chemistry, allows the reader to have knowledge of drug testing that is not available anywhere else. With their combined 23 years of experience ranging from actual practice to post-graduate research, the reader gains extensive and proven knowledge on drugs, drug tests, metabolites, physiology and detoxification for drug tests; specifically marijuana and tests for THC metabolites.

Cautionary Notice
  • The authors of this book are NOT doctors of medicine and the information within is in no way to be taken as medical advice.
  • It is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician prior to following any of the information offered in this book.
  • Please, use common sense and listen to your body when following any detox regimen (i.e. stop if you don't feel well). Getting clean should never hurt or jeopardize your health!
  • The authors hereby give notice that all of the information  contained within this book is just that...information.

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