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James Connor, Criminal Defense Attorney, Hudson, New York

 UR-INE TROUBLE was an extremely valuable resource in my cross-examination on the accuracy of the county probation department's urine drug-screening device and techniques. The information contained in the book helped a young man maintain his freedom after he was mistakenly accused of using drugs following a routine urine screen while on probation.

M. Botka, Electrician, College Station, Texas Following a worker's compensation claim, I was falsely labeled a marijuana user by a drug test due to use of an over-the-counter medication. The company then denied me my worker's compensation and unemployment benefits, but armed with a copy of Ur-ine Trouble, I was able to clear my name and reputation and get the benefits I deserve.

 Book Description The truth about drug testing:

Why drug users are passing and non-users are failing.

 * Backed by 172 medical references, written in easy-to-understand language.

* Discloses the foods and medications that will cause a false positive test.

* Uncovers how drug testing can be used to discriminate against women and minorities.

* Medical secrets of passing drug tests revealed.

 Author Kent Holtorf, M.D. wrote this book to debunk the myths associated with drug testing. Backed with 172 medical references, this first-of-its-kind testament exposes the discrimination as well as ethical issues surrounding drug testing and raises serious questions about the accuracy of such tests. People are being denied employment because of false positive tests due to medications and many common foods that they are not aware of. These injustices have not previously surfaced because employers rarely tell job candidates or employees that they failed a drug test.

Thus, people are unaware that they were denied employment or forced from their job due to a false positive result. For instance, did you know how easy it is to fail a drug test, even if you've never taken drugs? Did you know the foods you eat can cause you to test positive? And did you know the many other surprising ways you could falsely test positive? If you didn't, you'll want to arm yourself with the knowledge found in this book. If you don't, you could be the next person denied employment due to a false positive drug test. Also, the author doesn't believe that drug testing offers any benefit in deterring or treating illicit drug use. And, he says, it violates the rights of those it is designed to protect. Thus, he has no reservations about revealing medical secrets to passing drug tests.

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