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At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit 

At Testclear, we offer easy-to-use, accurate home drug testing kits like the TestClear’s At Home Hair Drug Test Ki. It utilizes the power of hair follicle drug testing, one of the most trusted and accurate drug testing methods used by law enforcement officials and organizations.

TestClear’s Hair Drug Test Kit is a 100% confidentialat-home hair follicle test kit; no personal information is required.

Each hair drug test kit contains the following:

  • A collection kit
  • Complete instructions
  • Pre-paid shipping envelope
  • Laboratory analysis fees

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Product Details

Laboratory Drug Testing Information

  • CLIA accredited, CAP accredited, ISO Certified Lab
  • GC/MS confirmation
  • Fast, accurate results (upon receipt of the hair sample by the laboratory)
  • Pre-paid shipping envelope included
  • Trackable process
  • Secure online results

Substances Detected by TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit

This product is the first at-home hair follicle drug test kit designed to provide a comprehensive history detection window for a 90-day drug use history report. It’s proven more sensitive than saliva and urine tests, ensuring you get the most accurate results possible.

Hair follicle drug tests can detect the following illicit substances:

  • Marijuana (THC)
  • Cocaine/Cocaine metabolites
  • Opiates (Codeine, Morphine, and 6-monacteyl morphine)
  • Amphetamine(AMP)
  • Methamphetamine(mAMP)
  • Ecstasy(MDMA)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

After sample collection, the hair samples will undergo hair drug testing through the pre-paid shipping envelope included in the kit.

Accurate At-Home Hair Follicle Test Results Guaranteed

Our at-home hair follicle tests are extremely accurate as we perform laboratory testing with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS). This prevents the chances of false-positive results of hair follicle tests.

Product Instructions

  1. Using the detailed instructions of the at-home hair follicle test kit as a guide, collect a hair sample of approximately 90-120 hairs.
  2. Mail the hair sample to our laboratory using the pre-addressed envelope provided.
  3. The laboratory will then analyze the hair sample for evidence of drug use.
  4. After you have mailed the hair sample in your at-home hair follicle test kit, you must register your test at Ezhometest.com to obtain your results (you will need your specimen ID number, passcode, and email address to register).
  5. The results of an at-home hair follicle test will be available approximately 2-3 business days after the laboratory receives the hair sample.
  6. Go to the results section to obtain the results.

TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit FAQs

How long do drugs stay in the hair?

Different drugs will have different lifespans, but nearly all of them can stay in the hair for up to 90 days and sometimes even past that period. Some of the factors that determine how long drugs will remain in the system include:

  • Type of drug used
  • Frequency of use
  • How much was used
  • User’s drug tolerance

How soon will drugs be detectable in hair?

It takes time for drugs to be detectable in hair.

An at-home hair follicle test will most likely be negative if drugs were used just within the past three to seven days. Hair drug testing is best for detecting long-term and frequent drug use, while a urine drug test is excellent for short-term drug use.

How accurate is hair testing?

Hair testing is the most accurate and effective method of finding users of drugs.

The testing technology is designed to show the presence of drug levels that would only be consistent with drug ingestion. All samples are tested using a radioimmunoassay screen.

Before any positive test result is reported, the sample from your at-home hair follicle test kit is subjected to a secondconfirmatory test using gas chromatography/mass spectrometry (GC/MS), considered the gold standard for forensic drug testing.

What drugs does TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit screen for?

TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit screens for the following drug classes:

  • Cocaine (cocaine and benzoylecgonine)
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates (codeine, morphine, and 6-monacteyl morphine)
  • Amphetamine (meth/amphetamine and ecstasy)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP, angel dust)

What time period does the TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit cover?

TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit will detect drugs for an average period of 90 days.

How does hair testing compare to urinalysis?

Compared to the more traditional forms of testing, e.g., urine testing, hair samples screened through an at-home hair follicle test can detect a longer period of drug use.

How effective is hair testing in detecting drug users?

When compared to side-by-side comparison studies with urinalysis, hair drug testing uncovered significantly more drug use. In two independent studies, hair drug testing uncovered 4 to 8 times as many drug users as urinalysis for evidence of drug use.

Can a hair test detect one-time drug use?

Hair testing is best at determining long-term drug use. The hair specimen of a one-time user is less likely to yield positive test results, especially if they only ingested a small dose of drugs.

Can hair be affected by cross-reacting substances, such as over-the-counter medications?

Enzyme-immunoassay antibodies (EIA), similar to those used to test urine, are used for the initial drug screening in hair. This is why the potential for substances like over-the-counter medications to cause a false positive screening can occur.

To eliminate the possibility of a false-positive result due to cross-reactivity, our laboratory performs gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) for all specimens that screen positive.

Can tests be run on people with little or no hair?

Hair can be collected from several head locations and combined to obtain the required amount. If the head hair is too short, body hair can be used as a substitute.

How long will it take to receive the results?

TestClear’s At Home Hair Follicle Drug Test Kit has the fastest turnaround time for hair testing.

Using the shipping label included in this at-home hair follicle test kit, the laboratory will receive the sample the next business day. Test results are available two business daysafter the laboratory has received the sample.

Is your laboratory accredited?

Our lab is accredited by the Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments (CLIA), and all tests are supervised, reviewed, and approved by Ph.D. staff scientists. We have performed over 1.5 million hair tests.

What cut-off levels are used by this test kit?

Note: Pg/mg= picogram per milligram of hair

  • Amphetamine, methamphetamine, and ecstasy: 500 pg/mg (screening and confirmation)
  • Cocaine and benzoylecgonine: 500 pg/mg (screening and confirmation)
  • Opiates (codeine, morphine, and 6-MAM (heroin metabolite)): 300 pg/mg (screening and confirmation)
  • Phencyclidine (PCP): 300 pg/mg (screening and confirmation)
  • Marijuana- carboxy- THC: 1 pg/mg (screening), 0.3 pg/mg (confirmation)

Does the lab provide gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) confirmation for all positive results?

Yes. GC/MS confirmation is performed on all positive results to avoid any false positives.

How will I read the results?

The results of an at-home hair follicle test will indicate a positive or negative result for each drug class.

When a donor tests positive, the result will provide an assessment of hair dose response to identify whether the donor is a low (occasional), medium (weekend, daily), or high (constant) user (not including marijuana).

Will the test result remain confidential?

Yes, the results of an at-home hair follicle test kit are kept completely confidential and are for your use only.

No names or social security numbers are used in the testing process. The only identification is the specimen ID number provided with the kit.

Does hair color affect results?

The amount of melanin determines hair color in the hair, but it does not affect a test’s ability to detect illicit substances.

It has been shown experimentally, through actual hair samples, and it has been determined in court that hair color has no effect on hair sample testing.

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Verified Buyer
Never used

I never got to try it due to taking a pee test instead of the hair thank god but if anyone needs a kit I have it literally in the fed ex box still unused . Email me at [email protected] I can ...

Written by Kristy from Cali 5/14/2020
Verified Buyer
Super fast results

Easy to do the test, just a few steps. Got my results the same day they received it.

Written by Anonymous 1/6/2020
Verified Buyer

Excellent and accurate product. Was skeptical at first but man was I wrong!!! Shipped fast and got results quick as well which was great!

Written by craig from Fort Myers 4/27/2018
Verified Buyer
Worked well and fast results

This test is awesome. So easy to use. Four steps and that's it. Results are quick and super easy to understand. Worth the money and puts your mind at ease.

Written by Christian from Satsuma 4/1/2018
Verified Buyer
Easy Kit

Kit was put together well and very strait forward. Looking forward to some good results. Fingers crossed!

Written by Yee who passed from California 1/3/2018

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